Carl Edwards creates coming during Texas, says what he misses about racing

FORT WORTH, Texas — Carl Edwards misses tools of racing — and while he doesn’t wish to competition full time, he also doesn’t wish to order out any racing in a future.

Standing during a Speedway Club on his initiation into a Texas Motor Speedway Hall of Fame on Saturday, a former No. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing motorist reminisced on his time behind a circle — privately his 2016 Championship 4 run during Homestead-Miami Speedway — and his final Cup win, that came on Nov. 6, 2016 during Texas Motor Speedway.

“You know what we miss, is we skip a challenge,” Edwards said. “And this is something, it took me until a finish of my career to figure this out. … My competitors, even when we hatred any other and you’re during any others’ throats. It’s like, those are a people that indeed expostulate we to try to be your best.

“I told somebody a other day, we skip a meetings where you’re arguing with your teammate about something … It’s that kind of, we theory you’d call it adrenaline. Or fad or challenge. And that’s a cold thing about races is we get to go conflict each week. That’s something we miss.”

Edwards has spent his dual years out of a automobile traveling, even swimming with a pod of whales while channel a Atlantic Ocean. He’s also spent time with desired ones, being “the crony and family member that we only wasn’t means to be since we was left all a time.”

His distressing run during Homestead-Miami Speedway is one that he looks behind on fondly, notwithstanding blank a pretension in what would after be announced as his final deteriorate in a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

“There’s one elementary fact, we can’t go behind and change anything,” he pronounced on his 2016 Miami run. “That’s a approach it is. Yes, we would adore to be a two- or three-time champion. That’s what we work toward. But we consider it’s not only time, we consider it’s a some-more life we live, a some-more we see, a some-more we comprehend a genuine present of racing to me was a day-in-day-out bid and a teamwork and a learning. … we was a many opposite chairman during a finish of my career than we was during a commencement of my career. we feel like we was improved and we feel like racing done me that way.

“To me, it’s not about winning — that’s a fun part, approbation — but, it’s a growth. we wouldn’t trade that Homestead competition for anything. Yeah, it didn’t spin out great, though that was a best I’d achieved in a competition car, a best group that we have ever had. … we consider I’d be ridiculous to try to change (it).”

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As for any racing cameos in his future? Edwards pronounced he’s “had a integrate conversations with people though nothing in a final year.”

“It would have to be something that unequivocally vehement me,” he said. “The thing we like a many is pushing in a highway courses. I’ve talked to some people about maybe doing some contrast on a march or something. It competence be a lot of fun. The races we skip a many are unequivocally Sonoma, Homestead — Homestead for dual reasons, since of all a vigour and a championship, we like that — we skip those marks where you’re shifting around a lot, we know, Atlanta. So that kind of things would be fun to do. …”

“I don’t know how I’ll feel in a year or two. we don’t have a plan.”

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