Carl Edwards Jr’s Blatant Lack of Effort Costs Cubs in Loss to Brewers

There are unequivocally few things over that a round player, privately a pitcher, has approach control. He can’t assistance it if a beat runs into a good pitch, he can’t force his teammates to make all a plays behind him, and he certain as ruin can’t forestall a home image ump from creation a bad call only given his catcher was set adult oddly.

But one thing each singular actor can control each singular time is his bid level, and Carl Edwards Jr. flat-out stubborn it on a pivotal play in a 6th inning of Monday night’s game.

I’m not customarily one for hot-takery or knee-jerk commentary, so we carried out a small inner discuss before putting fingers to keyboard on this one. However, saying someone totally empty a many simple shortcoming given he was possibly too bustling pouting about a bad representation or simply had no thought what was going on had me steamrolling by my improved judgment.

And given I’ve already intent meatball diatribe mode, let’s get into into a preference to spin to Edwards in a initial place before we sky a play in question. Despite his obvious struggles over a final few weeks, Joe Maddon has been force-feeding his setup male in an bid to find that one moment that’ll spin it all around.

As eminent a judgment as that is, iron heightening iron and all that, I’m not certain a tie diversion opposite a group barking during your heels atop a multiplication is a best approach to find that moment. Not for a male who’s posted matching — and equally bad — 6.59 K/9 and BB/9 outlines given Aug 1 and who melted down opposite a Brewers in Milwaukee recently.

Bringing Edwards into this sold diversion in that sold conditions — group on second and third after Jon Lester exited with behind rigidity — is all on Maddon. What happened after that lies precisely on a Stringbean Slinger’s slight shoulders. Regardless of a unwashed inning and shortened bullpen warmup, though, there’s no forgive for a desertion of duties and a sum miss of awareness.

I’ve mostly pronounced that we know flattering many what Edwards is going to give we from a initial representation he throws, and this one was a doozy. He peaked a curve, promulgation a round careening to a uphold with Willson Contreras in prohibited pursuit. But as Mike Moustakas — who to a best of my believe is not widely regarded as a speed demon — pennyless for a plate, Edwards lazily skipped from a pile before eventually violation into a jog.

By a time he’d jarred giveaway from his fit of vulgar self-absorption, it was distant too late to do anything about it. Moose, a male whose image coming opposite Edwards in that aforementioned disturbance precipitated ejections of both Maddon and a pitcher, simply scored a winning run as Edwards loafed to a image with a miss of coercion fitting appearance in a court-mandated defensive pushing class.

I’d routinely call something like that half-assed, solely Edwards’ incorporeal backside dictates that it was unequivocally some-more quarter-assed. And that’s indeed some-more accurate when we get right down to it. Being bad is one thing, a pitcher is going to biff pitches from time to time. But to devalue it with a kind of bush-league lolligaggery that even a many just Little League relatives wouldn’t accept is…well, it’s unacceptable.

So what happens from here? Under normal circumstances, Edwards would see his purpose decreased in some ability due to miss of both bid and efficacy. The Cubs aren’t indispensably ripping with arguable relievers during this point, though, so slicing of their nose to annoy their face isn’t many an option. Then again, perplexing to force a impulse for Edwards right now is a fatuous and maybe even damaging gesture.

Maybe Mostakas scores even if Edwards sprints home and I’m not all dismissed adult about it. But maybe a Cubs have a play. This is a indicate in a deteriorate where we need to do a small things right, or during slightest not do them so obscenely wrong that some nick devotes an whole blog post to your failure.

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