Carl Edwards Jr.’s special tie to Memorial Day

SAN DIEGO – For dual superstars who grew adult personification with and opposite any other in Las Vegas, sealed on with Boras Corp. and put together MVP seasons during their early 20s, Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper couldn’t be some-more different. 

Breaking news: Bryant has never come tighten to charging a mound, a approach Harper responded to removing drilled by Hunter Strickland’s 98-mph fastball on Memorial Day, a bad blood slow from a 2014 Nationals-Giants playoff array and spilling into an all-out brawl.   

“No,” Bryant pronounced with a laugh. “I try not to unequivocally put myself in a conditions where I’m going to get strike on purpose. Obviously, a group aspect is concerned where you’re removing hit. That’s a opposite story. But away we try to keep myself out of it.

“I kind of comprehend where they’re going to representation me. And if we get hit, we get hit. we can’t imagine. we don’t know what I’ve done. we put my conduct down and run.”  

In many ways, a Cubs simulate Bryant’s solid celebrity and clarity of purpose. But Harper also plays with limit bid and understands his responsibilities as a face-of-the-franchise player. And Strickland still got his 2014 World Series ring after examination Harper cavalcade dual home runs off him during that first-round playoff series.

“I only don’t like saying guys get strike on purpose,” Bryant said. “It’s only frustrating as a hitter, since what can we do? We’re only going to wear it and get hit?

“A ball is a weapon. (Bryce’s) substantially going to be value a lot of income and anything can happen.”

Major League Baseball handed down a punishments on Tuesday, suspending a situational reliever with 0 career saves for 6 games while banning an All-Star outfielder for 4 games.

“You could kind of see that hot over,” Bryant said. “But that was 3 years ago. It’s a prolonged time in between. A ball is a weapon. Any time you’re throwing it during someone on purpose, we consider there should be some harsher penalties. It doesn’t feel good removing strike by 98.”

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