Carl Edwards Jr. looking some-more and some-more like Cubs’ closer of a …

The Cubs have their closer of a destiny should Wade Davis acquire a remunerative free-agent agreement in a winter.

Carl Edwards Jr. assimilated Davis to turn a Cubs’ initial service multiple to any concede no warranted runs in a initial month while pitching during slightest 10 innings.

“He’s going to keep removing improved and better,” manager Joe Maddon pronounced of Edwards, 25, whom a Cubs have nurtured given he done a transition from minor-league starter in 2015. “He’ll be a closer someday, there’s no doubt.

“The biggest thing is to not abuse him as he’s removing bigger and stronger. His things plays opposite righties and lefties and he knows how to pitch, carrying been a starter for a bit.”

Rafael Soriano knows how to pitch. CJ knows how to pitch. So it’s good to get those guys during a finish of a diversion that aren’t only throwing and have some-more than one weapon.

“This man can do several opposite things. But we like his ability to breathe and be right here. It’s superb to watch.”

Lineup logjam: Without a oppulance of a designated hitter that was accessible final weekend in Boston, Maddon is behind to a charge of anticipating personification time for all of his position players.

Jon Jay, who has reached bottom in 8 of his 9 starts and is 5-for-9 as a splash hitter, has warranted more.

“He’s never in trouble,” Maddon said. “He gets to dual strikes and a at-bat is not over. Sometimes he does his best work with dual strikes.”

Maddon reliable that he did contend he would like to adopt Jay as his son.

“It was one of those abdominal moments,” Maddon pronounced with a smile. “If we indispensable a son or sidekick, I’d go for Jon Jay.”

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