Carl Edwards: "I haven’t even deliberate entrance back"

Cue adult a yacht stone radio, Carl Edwards has checked out.

The former motorist of a No. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyots returned to a lane during Sonoma Raceway on Saturday. But racing is a farthest thing from his mind.

“I’ve been articulate to a lot of people and weighing my options — usually kidding,” Edwards said. “I haven’t talked to anyone and we haven’t even deliberate entrance back. Not right now.

“I consider it’s flattering transparent that if we unequivocally wish to do something, afterwards we would do it. But as we pronounced in January, we would speak to Coach (Joe Gibbs) first, and we haven’t had any conversations about that.”

Edwards has changed on with his life — and divided from a grind. He’s “happier and some-more content” than when he final showed adult during a lane when a Monster Energy Cup debate was during Atlanta Motor Speedway in March. And didn’t even worry creation an entrance when a array rolled into Kansas Speedway — his home track.

“I’m enjoying life and it’s good,” Edwards said. “I’ve been carrying a lot of fun. we spent a lot of time in a New Holland — for about a month.”

Keeping busy

After spending a month on his plantation in Columbia, Missouri, and “getting a crops in a ground” Edwards sights are set on travel, something he had no time for when he was racing full-time.

Edwards latest passion is sailing. Following a outing to a Virgin Islands, he attended sailing propagandize in South Florida. Prior to entrance to Sonoma, Edwards was surfing in Maui, his initial vacation to Hawaii that didn’t engage a unite or competition promotion.

“Now we have to figure out how to get a boat,” Edwards said. “That’s on my list of stuff. Sailing is flattering cool. It’s neat to get a possibility to do some of this stuff.”

The zealous commander also bending adult with Cessna to fly around a country. But as for a tangible racing finish of his former job, a usually thing he unequivocally misses is a people. He doesn’t watch TV, hasn’t watched racing.

While a plea of subordinate a automobile on a 1.99-mile highway march was appealing to a adrenaline junky — and still calls Sonoma “a special place,” Edwards has other things to devour him given his sabbatical from Joe Gibbs Racing.

“There are good things and there are bad though a good for me distant outweighs a bad,” Edwards’ pronounced of his retirement. “I’m super elegant to get a event to do a things I’m doing now and suffer life.

“I wrote Joe Gibbs a minute a other day usually thanking him for a event to do a racing was outrageous — and afterwards a event to step away. we consider Dale (Earnhardt) Jr. pronounced it best when he said, ‘on his terms’. To be means to do that is usually a blessing. we was usually genuine appreciative.”

Be partial of something big

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