Carl Edwards hires agents for broadcasting, isn’t saving your favorite …

Even yet it would be good to have Carl Edwards lapse to NASCAR subsequent season, his latest pierce probably assures that’s not happening.

It’s been a lot of fun attaching a name of Carl Edwards to a many high form openings in this latest and craziest NASCAR Silly Season. Dale Earnhardt Jr. retiring? Maybe Hendrick calls Edwards. The Stewart-Haas Racing Fords down a few drivers? Well, Edwards did expostulate a Ford for a prolonged time …

In truth, though, Edwards has stranded to his guns about being late from active competition, even as he took some heedfulness to contend those accurate words. So what’s subsequent for him?

Whatever it is, he’s holding stairs to start a round rolling. Sport Business Journal reports that Edwards has secured a services of agents during ICM Partners for “marketing, speaking, broadcasting, literary, behaving and other endeavors.” In other words, things other than pushing a competition car.

It’s probable that Edwards unequivocally did bay thoughts of returning to NASCAR though simply sees a existence of a stream landscape with courtesy to sponsorship and a ubiquitous girl transformation among many teams. That’s not to contend that he couldn’t lapse to a overlay if that’s what he unequivocally wanted — one would design that many companies would rather have a proven commodity like Edwards in terms of code illustration and on-track opening than many other options — though if his heart isn’t 100 percent in it, this is frequency a time for a comeback.

Regardless of his motivations, a timing of his employing of agents for non-racing functions is interesting, since it should finally kill off many of a rumors of him roving to a rescue of one NASCAR group or another. On a other hand, we know what they contend about how wish springs almighty …

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