Cageside Speaks! The ‘Punjabi Spectacle At The Opera’ Edition (WWE Battleground reactions)

After WWE pay-per-view (PPV)s, and on other occasions of import, a row of Cagesiders is convened to discuss. These conversations among members of a best dang pro wrestling village on a interwebs are called…


(get it?)

To plead a latest SmackDown-branded PPV judge autarchic 14fizzpatrick recruited Gabe13, Mister Doctor Senju and Taker’s Minion to speak Kevin Owens’ argumentative win, John Cena’s feat for America and a lapse of India’s favourite The Great Khali.

And, as always with Speaks – a few other tangents and side discussions. That’s what a show’s all about after all. Fans with opposite views opinions, likes dislikes, doing their best to uncover because a small dilemma of a internet wrestling village is so damn special.

So greatfully enjoy! And strike us adult in a comments with your thoughts, feedback, questions or suggestions. Wrestling’s bustling Summer heads to Brooklyn, and Cageside Speaks will be prepared to speak all that goes down in New York… and more!

Stay tuned.

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