By losing, Conor McGregor could indeed win large in his quarrel opposite Mayweather

Conor McGregor goes into his super-fight with Floyd Mayweather as a maybe a biggest loser in sporting history.

Mayweather has had 49 fighting matches and won them all. McGregor has had none. Mayweather is a restricted favorite; McGregor’s contingency of winning are about 5 to 1. All of that suggests that a quarrel itself, come Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, will be farcical and not even value watching. But a recently late fighter Paulie Malignaggi, who has fought during a top turn and was brought in to assistance McGregor’s training stay in a rave to a fight, offers an engaging insight into because McGregor is doing this:

Realistically, to ask Conor to win a quarrel is a large ask. But maybe he can win moments of a quarrel or certain rounds. If he’s winning certain moments of a fight, even if he loses in a prolonged run, people will pronounce some-more about what Conor did than Floyd winning.

The expectations for McGregor are so low that if he was to land a few good punches or come by comparatively unscathed, that would be a vital triumph. With any of a 12 rounds scored out a limit of 10, a final time that Mayweather forsaken next 115 on any judge’s scorecard was in his initial quarrel opposite Marcos Maidana in 2014—and that includes his superfight opposite Manny Pacquiao.

If McGregor was to win one or some-more rounds opposite a fighting legend? If he was to stagger a 40-year-old American’s legs? If he could emanate any kind of “moment” that Malignaggi talked about, like an tangible knockdown? That would be something that people would pronounce about a day after—no matter that Mayweather indeed won a fight. It would make McGregor an even bigger star.

But does Malignaggi even trust that’s probable anymore? After McGregor posted a chatter of Malignaggi knocked to a ground…

…Malignaggi left a training camp. They had sparred together twice and Malignaggi had suggested that McGregor had a “game plan” and that there was a “method to a madness.” That has now dissolved into severity after McGregor’s tweet. As for a sparring, it sounds like both bouts were sincerely strong affairs.

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