Bucks 134, Warriors 111: Milwaukee dominates paint in overwhelming subjection during Golden State as Steph Curry leaves with injury

OAKLAND, Calif. — If we were still doubt either or not a Bucks are for real, we got your answer in Thursday night’s 134-111 throttling of a two-time fortifying champion Golden State Warriors. Not usually did Giannis Antetokounmpo demeanour each bit of a MVP claimant that he is, though Milwaukee’s ancillary expel also stepped adult on both ends of a justice to idle a Warriors during Oracle — no elementary feat.

Giannis finished with 24 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, while a offset Bucks lineup was led by Eric Bledsoe’s 26 points, Malcolm Brogdon’s 20, Khris Middledon’s 17 and Pat Connaughton’s 15.

The Warriors struggled with tainted difficulty and a miss of appetite from a jump, and a Bucks took advantage, removing dispatch points and creation bid plays all night long. The detriment ends an eight-game winning aria for a Warriors, and brings a Bucks to 9-2 on a season.

Here are some takeaways from a game.

Bucks possess a paint

The Bucks competence as good have taken out an ad for genuine estate in a Oracle Arena paint on Thursday night. Coach Budenholzer’s patrol has been rising 3-pointers during a inclusive rate, though even when a 3s weren’t descending a Bucks managed to get points in a paint and during a giveaway chuck line. They scored 84 points in a paint on a night compared to a Warriors’ 32, that creates some-more clarity when we comprehend they were blank one essential square to a defensive nonplus …

No Draymond, large problem

Warriors manager Steve Kerr pronounced before a diversion that though Draymond Green in a lineup (he was ruled out with an harmed foot), it was some-more a matter of bid than diversion devise on a defensive end. Well, Golden State positively didn’t put adult most of an effort. They were messy and committed too many fouls early, as Giannis Antetokounmpo got to a giveaway chuck line 10 times in a initial half alone (making 9 of them). There were copiousness of times when a Warriors went on a mini-run and indispensable a integrate of defensive stops to serve tighten a gap. Without Draymond, they were incompetent to get it done.

Curry comes down to Earth, afterwards heads to locker room

Stephen Curry came into a diversion sharpened 53 percent from a margin and 51 percent from behind a 3-point line, so a retrogression was substantially due. Curry missed some open shots, though was also worried all night by Milwaukee’s length, finishing a night with 10 points on 5-of-14 shooting, including 0-for-4 from 3-point range. Chalk it adult to a bad night from a two-time MVP, though a Bucks’ invulnerability really had a lot to do with it. On a other side of a ball, Curry picked adult dual discerning fouls and struggled containing bomb indicate ensure Eric Bledsoe, who had flattering most a giveaway pass by a line and to a edge all night long.

Most concerning for a Warriors, however, is that Curry went to a locker room in a third entertain with a left adductor strain, and did not lapse to a game.

After several healthy seasons, Curry suffered mixed ankle injuries final year and usually played in 51 games.

Fear a deer

The Bucks seem to be here to stay. This was a outrageous win, and it showed that they can win choppy, grind-it-out games only as handily as they win fast-paced 3-point shootouts. Before a game, Kerr talked about how successful Budenholzer was with a Hawks, though forked to one pivotal disproportion — now he has a superstar. That Hawks patrol surfaced out during 60 wins, and we’ll have to wait and see if this Bucks group can come tighten to that mark.

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