Bryce Harper: Let tip vote-getters collect teams for All-Star Game

Count Bryce Harper among a many players who are happy a All-Star Game no longer affects home-field advantage in a World Series. The Washington Nationals slugger would also like to see a American League and National League lines confused for a Midsummer Classic.

Sale, Scherzer named All-Star Game starters

Chris Sale (AL) and Max Scherzer (NL) were named a starting pitchers for a All-Star Game on Tuesday night. Sale, a Red Sox’s ace, is starting for a second true year though is a initial pitcher to do so while representing dual opposite clubs.

Harper wouldn’t mind saying a tip dual vote-getters name a dual teams regardless of joining affiliations.

“It’d be good if let’s contend a dual heading vote-getters by a fans did a breeze complement and could collect from both sides,” he pronounced Monday. “So we could be confronting Max Scherzer currently — we mean, nobody sees that. It would be a lot of fun to do something like that to make it a small some-more foe to face somebody on your team, like if [Clayton] Kershaw was confronting Justin Turner, or Chris Sale confronting Mookie Betts. That’d be a lot of fun.”

Harper (4,630,306 votes) and New York Yankees rookie outfielder Aaron Judge (4,488,702) were a heading vote-getters in balloting this year.

Other veteran leagues have attempted a breeze proceed for their All-Star games. The NHL used a “fantasy draft” proceed in 2011, ’12 and ’15 when dual group captains picked by players voted into a diversion by fans comparison teams regardless of conference. The NFL altered a format for a Pro Bowl from 2014 to ’15 with dual former players picking a teams in a fantasy-draft style.

Harper pronounced he was happy that players were means to have fun during a All-Star Game with home-field advantage no longer trustworthy to a game.

“I consider it’s great. Guys only being means to come in and relax and suffer what we do. We play 162 games a year, so you’re means to only come in here and hang out and suffer being around your family and friends,” he said. “I consider with ball your foe is going to be adult there, of course. we don’t consider guys are going to take at-bats off or pitches off or anything like that. we consider best record in ball should have home-field advantage no matter what.”

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