Brooks Koepka denies quarrel or evidence with Dustin Johnson ever happened

Brooks Koepka has spoken, and he’s denying everything.

The 28-year-old Ryder Cupper has refuted that he and Dustin Johnson got in a quarrel during a post-RC celebration. He has denied there was even an argument.

“This Dustin thing, we only don’t get,” Koepka pronounced Wednesday to reporters during a Dunhill Links Championship. “There was no fight, no argument. He’s one of my best friends. we adore a child to death. We talked on a phone Monday and yesterday, so we tell me how we fought.”

Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka concerned in quarrel during Ryder Cup.

Koepka is personification a Dunhill Links this week alongside many other Ryder Cup players. As he has finished during times this year, Koepka is gripping a unrelenting eye on golf media coverage. Despite mixed reports, Koepka has denied that a U.S. group room was anything reduction than perfect.

Brooks Koepka (right) played in a foursomes event Saturday with Dustin Johnson.

“As distant as camaraderie, it was fine, it was perfect,” Koepka said. “The problem is we guys (the media) try to find a reason because we mislaid and a elementary reason is we only didn’t play good enough.”

The three-time vital leader looked inward, during himself, and a dual matches he lost, observant that a U.S. group simply didn’t play good adequate to win. He might really good be right about that.

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