Brooks Koepka continues to repudiate squabble with Dustin Johnson a day after Jim Furyk implies something happened

Accounts can extravagantly change during “He said, he said” affairs. So give Brooks Koepka credit: Regarding his purpose in an purported occurrence with Dustin Johnson, Koepka is adhering to his story.

Koepka and Johnson, remarkable friends, were reportedly concerned in a dust-up of sorts during a finish of a Ryder Cup, a squabble that concerned Koepka’s girlfriend, Jena Sims, and Johnson’s fiancée, Paulina Gretzky. The Telegraph’s James Corrigan was a initial to news on a matter, and sources reliable to Golf Digest that an rumpus did take place.

However, Koepka’s illustration refuted a story to Golf Digest, and Koepka himself discharged it as “untrue” forward of final week’s Dunhill Links. But a week after a Ryder Cup, Jim Furyk, vocalization to a Golf Channel, concurred that something did start between Koepka and Johnson, nonetheless a U.S. captain downplayed a astringency of a dispute.

“Whatever rumpus started, or what happened, it was unequivocally brief. It was unequivocally short. Neither one of them unequivocally took anything out of it,” Furyk said. “They’re like brothers. Brothers might argue, brothers get into it. But they’re as tighten as they’ve ever been, and it unequivocally had no outcome on presumably one of them.”

Koepka, though, continued to repudiate anything took place between he and Johnson on Tuesday when he went on a Dan Patrick Show.

“I don’t know what they consider they saw or what they consider they heard, though it was distant from a truth,” Koepka said. The newly crowned PGA Tour Player of a Year pronounced a dual could have simply been articulate about college football.

For his part, Patrick attempted to make light of a situation, seeking if Koepka could have taken Johnson in a fight.

“I don’t know, it would be a good match,” Koepka said. “I’m certain it would be a good quarrel … it would be interesting, maybe sell a few tickets.”

Speaking of which, Koepka and Johnson seemed in a video on Tuesday poking fun during a reports:

So there we go. Nothing happened. Or maybe something did, though it was short. Or presumably misconstrued altogether. Glad we privileged that up.

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