Briarcrest spokesperson: No allegations of inapt control by Hugh Freeze during reign during school

Before he was paid millions of dollars as control manager during Ole Miss, Hugh Freeze was a rarely successful manager during Briarcrest Christian School in Eads, Tenn.

With a remarkable tumble of Freeze and his abdication final week due to a settlement of personal misconduct, a propagandize is now confronting questions on either that settlement was also prevalent during his times during a devout school.

“Our stream administration and former administrators who we’ve talked to — and we’ve talked to many — we are totally unknowingly of any allegations opposite Coach Freeze per any kind of inapt personal control while he was here during Briarcrest,” Briarcrest executive of communications Beth Rooks said. “We would take any such allegations severely and we would entirely examine it. Our design is to understanding with any issues truthfully and objectively. There’s all these rumors and innuendo, though there hasn’t been explanation of anything. We’ve never had any primogenitor or tyro or anybody come to us.”

While saying that there are no allegations as of right now, a propagandize orator did acknowledge that a private Facebook organisation that is centered around a “victim of Coach Freeze during Briarcrest” did exist. That comment was deleted on Monday night.

Briarcrest was brought into a spotlight interjection to Freeze and former Ole Miss descent lineman Michael Oher, a chairman that a book and film The Blind Side was centered around. Oher’s father, Sean Tuohy, has settled that he will not give adult on Freeze.

“I’m never going to stop being his friend,” Tuohy said. “I’m never going to stop amatory him. When he needs me, I’ll be there.”

With Freeze’s participation still widespread during Briarcrest – his print is on a wall as a member of a school’s Hall of Fame -, a propagandize has a choice: to applaud the success he brought a Saints in football and women’s basketball, or apart themselves from him.

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