Breaking Down Eagles’ 2018 Pro Bowl Chances

Pro Bowl voting began this past week, and ideally, a Eagles won’t have anybody indeed personification in a game.
The 2018 Pro Bowl is scheduled for Jan. 28 — a week before a Super Bowl — and players from a Super Bowl-bound teams will be headed to Minneapolis that weekend, not Orlando, where a Pro Bowl will be hold this year.
But with a Eagles sitting during 8-1 streamer into Sunday’s diversion opposite a Cowboys, there’s a good possibility they’ll have a large fortuitous comparison to a annual exhibition.

Let’s take an early demeanour during a Eagles’ locks, hopefuls and longshots for 2018 Pro Bowl honors.
And remember, once again, a NFL is picking Pro Bowl teams formed on conference.
Carson Wentz: Wentz is a close to make his initial Pro Bowl, that would make him a fourth Eagles quarterback in a final 10 years to accept a honor, following Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and Nick Foles. No other group has had some-more than two. Interesting that a Eagles have had usually 4 players make a Pro Bowl group within their initial dual years given 1990 – Donovan McNabb in 2000, DeSean Jackson in 2009, Nick Foles in 2013 and Cody Parkey in 2014.
Fletcher Cox: The usually close from a defense, that is some-more of a matter on a code of group invulnerability a Eagles are personification these days than anything else. This will be Cox’s third Pro Bowl, something usually 5 Eagles defensive linemen have ever achieved — Reggie White (seven), Hugh Douglas (three), William Fuller (three), Charlie Johnson (three) and Floyd Peters (three).
Zach Ertz: It’s always wily for players to get to that initial Pro Bowl, though it’s tough to suppose Ertz not removing picked. Despite blank a Broncos game, he’s been a best parsimonious finish in a NFC. He leads all NFC parsimonious ends in catches and yards and is tied for a lead in TDs with Seattle’s Jimmy Graham with six. Barring a outrageous dropoff, Ertz is a lock.
Lane Johnson: Johnson has played during a consistently high level, though a few things are operative opposite him. His dual suspensions shouldn’t be a factor, though they won’t assistance his chances. Players are branded a certain way, and Johnson has to overcome a league-wide repute as a man who’s tested certain twice. But if it’s formed on turn of play, he’ll go.
Jason Kelce: Kelce substantially has a improved possibility than Johnson, usually since he’s a already a two-time collect and has that Pro Bowl repute around a league. He done a group final year notwithstanding not carrying a unequivocally good year. Kelce has been well-developed this year and is in a center of a No. 1 offense in a NFL. Close to a lock.
Brandon Graham: Graham once again has all though a sacks. He’s played unequivocally good football, consistently pressured a quarterback, been well-developed opposite a run, though … it’s all about a sacks with defensive ends. He has 5.0, that is a good series after 9 games and usually 1 1/2 bashful of his career-high of 6 1/2 from 2015, though 9 NFC defensive ends have more. Have they played improved than Graham? Probably not. But he needs to get to double digits to unequivocally have a good shot during creation his initial Pro Bowl.
Malcolm Jenkins: Jenkins done his initial Pro Bowl in 2015 and should have done a group final year, though didn’t. He’s carrying a good year though doesn’t have any interceptions and he’s going to substantially need during slightest dual or 3 to get himself in a picture. What he does have going for him is that he’s intensely renouned among his associate players. His activism, his clever voice within a NFLPA and his repute as a man who’s going to quarrel for actor rights will unequivocally help. That things shouldn’t matter though it does.
Brandon Brooks: Brooks is in his seventh year and has never done a Pro Bowl. The longer we play though creation one, a harder it is to get picked. Especially during a non-skill position. But he’s certain deserving. That whole right side of a O-line is with Kelce, Brooks and Johnson.
Jalen Mills: This is going to come down to interceptions. Mills needs to overcome a fact that he was never a big-name college guy, wasn’t a high breeze collect and his celebrity competence bug some hostile far-reaching receivers – a ones who opinion for CBs. But he’s got 3 interceptions, and right now Detroit’s Darius Slay is a usually NFC cornerback with more. If he can get to five? He’ll be in a mix.
Patrick Robinson: Robinson is in a unequivocally identical position as Mills. He doesn’t have that league-wide repute as a tip corner, though he’s certain played like one. Robinson is now with his fourth group in 4 years, and he’s an eighth-year actor who’s never been a Pro Bowler, so he needs to overcome that journeyman reputation. But like Mills, he has 3 interceptions. A integrate some-more gets him in a picture.
Nigel Bradham: Bradham has one sack, no interceptions and no forced fumbles. Without stat numbers, it’s tough for outward linebackers to make a Pro Bowl team, no matter how plain they are opposite a run and in coverage. Bradham is a sixth-year maestro though a Pro Bowl on his resume, and he’ll substantially need INT and pouch numbers to make his initial one.
Jake Elliott: Elliott doesn’t have a correctness of some kickers, so his usually possibility is to keep racking adult a 50-yarders. Going into Dallas, he shares a NFL lead with 5 50-yarders, including, of course, a game-winning 61-yarder opposite a Giants. But overall, he’s during 85 percent, that sounds high though is indeed usually sixth-highest among unchanging NFC kickers. And he’s missed 3 PATs. His usually possibility is another game-winner or dual and a garland some-more 50-yarders.
Rodney McLeod: McLeod has a integrate interceptions and has played good all year, though it’s tough to suppose him creation a Pro Bowl and Jenkins not. And it’s tough to suppose both safeties removing picked. Like any DB, McLeod can urge his chances with a integrate INTs and maybe a pick-six during a voting period. 

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