Brazil’s Daniel Dias a Michael Phelps of a Paralympics

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Daniel Dias likes being mentioned in a same judgment as Michael Phelps.

Some Paralympians might feel discontinued — even annoyed — by regulating an Olympian as a anxiety to assistance illustrate their excellence.

Not Dias.

“If people keep comparing me with Michael Phelps, we will be even some-more honored,” pronounced a 28-year-old Brazilian. “That will uncover that we left some bequest for Paralympic swimming.”

Phelps won 23 bullion medals and 28 medals overall, creation him a many flashy Olympian in history.

Dias, likewise, is about to break annals and proceed Phelps’ numbers.

He won his initial bullion award on Thursday in a S5 200-meter freestyle, a initial of his 9 events. That gave him 11 bullion medals and 16 altogether by 3 Paralympic Games.

Australian Matthew Cowdrey has won 23 medals, a many for a masculine swimmer, with 13 of them bullion — a symbol Dias seems expected to pass.

Dias can also transcend a record for a many bullion medals won by any masculine athlete. Swedish shooter Jonas Jakobsson, who has competed in a Paralympics given 1980, has won 17 bullion medals, and his 27 altogether medals are also a many by any masculine athlete. The 51-year-old could boost those totals with 3 some-more sharpened events in a entrance week.

Dias, from Sao Paolo, was innate with a partially shaped left hand, and his right arm stops during a elbow. He was also innate though a right leg next a knee.

Craig Spence, a orator for a Paralympics, was during a pool Thursday night and pronounced Dias’ feat was a many noted thing he had seen in sports.

He pronounced it surpassed a football compare he saw final year, when Flamengo was personification during a famous Maracana stadium.

“When Flamengo scored a goal, I’d never listened such sound in a stadium,” Spence said. “But Daniel Dias winning bullion exceeded a Flamengo feat in a Maracana.”

Dias could be a face of a Paralympics, a home-country favourite who can expostulate sheet sales and interest. A visit participation during football matches in Sao Paulo and as a motivational speaker, a swimmer could be a purpose indication not usually for athletes, though all Brazilians.

Additional success during a Paralympics could also boost Dias’ series of sponsors. Nearly 10 brands make him one of a few Brazilian Paralympians that can live off his sporting success.

The swimmer’s training regime is so special that he spent weeks practicing in Spain to concentration for a 11 days of competition.

Dias admits there is a lot of vigour for him to broach 9 some-more medals.

“I do feel a pressure, though that will be compensated for by a support of a throng and my family,” he said.

What Dias believes will be his many romantic impulse of a Paralympics will be pity a send on Saturday with a male who desirous him. Six-time bullion medalist Clodoaldo Silva is competing in his final Paralympics, and Dias wants him to leave in style.

“I usually began since we saw Clodoaldo swimming on TV,” Dias said. “I didn’t even know people like me could swim, could do any competition during all.”

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