Braves offseason questions: Does Nick Markakis get traded?

One of a biggest projects for a Braves‘ front bureau this winter will be reckoning out a outfield. With 4 guys looking like able starters and a rising awaiting knocking on a door, John Coppolella will have large decisions to make.

I feel assured observant Ender Inciarte will be around subsequent season. Ender enjoyed a large second half while heading a National League in hits. His Golden Glove can play during any of a 3 outfield spots, yet his talents are best served in core field. That’s where he should be in 2017.

The Braves somehow found a approach to absolved themselves of Hector Olivera by approach of Matt Kemp. Kemp surprisingly went on to post a .280/.336/.519 line and strike 12 of his 35 homers in Atlanta. That will play all day in left field.

The issue, of course, is his defense; he is one of a misfortune defensive outfielders around, and it’s approaching to get worse as he gets older.

Here’s a thing about Kemp: a Braves have adequate speed and glove guys on a register that they can substantially means to censor him in left field. It’s identical to what a Cardinals did with Matt Holliday for years. As prolonged as it doesn’t get to a indicate where Kemp can’t get to anything that isn’t strike directly during him – that is probable – his bat should transcend his glove for a deteriorate or dual if he keeps attack like he did in 2016.

This leaves Nick Markakis as a many approaching trade candidate, yet a team’s descent swell in Aug and Sep might prompt a front bureau to keep him around.

Markakis is due $10.5 million a subsequent dual years. The Braves adore his participation in a clubhouse. He’s a stout maestro with singular upside to block somewhere in a core of a order.

A few months ago it seemed like a given that Markakis would be traded. But with a approach a group incited it on late in a deteriorate during a plate, I’m not so sure. we unequivocally consider it’s 50-50.

Mallex Smith was thrown into a glow progressing than expected, and he struggled badly early on. He staid in easily after that, though, and his chosen speed and clever glove make him a claimant to be a starter in 2017.

Here’s a issue: it’s tough to see Ender and Mallex starting in a same outfield given their identical ability sets. That exceedingly boundary a Braves’ energy potential. It’s not unfit for them to coexist in core and right field, yet we wouldn’t gamble on it.

Dustin Peterson could be knocking on a doorway during some indicate in 2017, too.

It wouldn’t warn me if Markakis or Mallex got dealt. It also wouldn’t warn me if both were on a club’s opening day roster, with Mallex portion as an every-day fourth outfielder.

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