Braves’ Kemp arrives during stay in good figure |

Approximately 15 pounds lighter than he was during a finish of final season, Kemp arrived during Spring Training with a still plain frame, identical to a one he hexed when he determined himself as an MVP claimant with a Dodgers. Age and mixed leg ailments have distanced him from those days when he was a legitimate stolen-base threat.

But as Kemp proved, while totaling 35 homers final year and producing an .855 OPS in a 56 games played after being traded by a Padres to a Braves, he still has a intensity to yield poignant value during a plate.

“When he came over here from San Diego, we saw flashes of what he once was,” Braves pitcher R.A. Dickey said. “I consider everybody enjoyed it. we know he enjoyed it. So, there’s no reason to consider he can’t lapse to that level.”

Kemp positively seemed to be speedy and presumably somewhat rejuvenated by a knowledge he had while spending a final dual months of final deteriorate in Atlanta. He’s among a Braves who trust it’s time to stop deliberation this to be a group that is still in a rebuilding stage.

Snitker attempted to broach that summary to a players on Wednesday afternoon when he told them, “We’re not here to improve, we’re here to win.”

“[The Nationals and Mets] are unequivocally good,” Kemp pronounced in anxiety to a NL East race. “They have a lot of obvious guys and a lot of guys who can play baseball. It’s not going to be an easy multiplication to win, though we consider it’s something that’s possible. We’ve only got to work tough and win ball games.”

Mark Bowman has lonesome a Braves for given 2001. This story was not theme to a capitulation of Major League Baseball or the clubs.

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