Braves compounded Olivera fumble by appropriation Kemp

Braves ubiquitous manager John Coppolella prolonged ago certified that he done a mistake in appropriation Hector Olivera (and that was before Alex Wood became a Dodgers All-Star). Now it’s transparent that Coppolella compounded that fumble by after trade Olivera to a Padres for Matt Kemp, who is giving a Braves replacement-level-at-best prolongation for most some-more income than they due Olivera.

Kemp has constructed a Weighed Runs Created and of 109 this season, somewhat above a MLB average. He constructed a same 109 WRC+ in 2016 and 2015. All indications are that Kemp is only an OK hitter now, and his visit hamstring issues don’t bode good for a continuance of a slugger who turns 33 in September.

Factor in Kemp’s
poor invulnerability in left field
, and a design is even uglier. This deteriorate Kemp has a FanGraphs WAR of 0.1, that translates to a $400,000 value on a free-agent market. The Braves are profitable Kemp $18.25 million this deteriorate (that’s after what a Padres are paying) and he’s also due that most in any of a a subsequent dual years.


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The Braves were unfortunate to get absolved of Olivera. He had shown small denote he could be a vital leaguer and had been dangling 82 games for violating MLB’s domestic-violence policy. Instead of releasing Olivera undisguised and eating a money, Coppolella took on some-more income for a disappearing outfielder still being paid like an All-Star.

The Braves sole a trade as appropriation Kemp for $8.5 some-more annually
than they were profitable Olivera. That’s a classical sunk-cost fallacy. In existence a Braves are profitable $54 million from 2017-19 for Kemp, who is value most less, instead of giving Olivera his $28.5 million to go away.

That would have put a Olivera fumble in a past. Instead that mistake continues to haunt a Braves as Kemp gives them decent offense and bad invulnerability for star money.

What’s more, super outfield awaiting Ronald Acuna is knocking during a door. The Braves expected will have a tough time anticipating another group to take on Kemp and all of his salary. (I also doubt they’d have most fitness relocating Nick Markakis and his $11 million income for 2018.)

The Braves had high hopes for Kemp after he surged on offense for them final season. Kemp showed adult to open training this year in improved figure and started clever during a plate. But afterwards Kemp’s hamstrings starting flaring up. He’s had dual DL stints (29 games) and has been clearly hobbled for most of his time in a lineup.

Kemp has been improved during a image given returning from a DL final week. But he’d have to be a most improved hitter to equivalent his defense. As it is, a Braves could have gotten Kemp’s prolongation for pennies on a dollar.

Coppolella would have been improved off slicing ties with Olivera but holding on some-more income for Kemp. Better for a GM to remove face than rubbish some-more money.

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