BOOM! Studios’ WWE Comic Gears Up for WrestleMania & a Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens Rivalry

Plenty of protected wrestling comics have come and left via a decades, though nothing have had a success and staying energy of BOOM! Studios’ WWE ongoing. The authorization has been going clever for over a year with a monthly pretension penned by Dennis Hopeless with art from Serg Acuña, Doug Garbark and Jim Campbell, and monthly back-ups from guest creators. Fleshing out BOOM!’s permit are annual specials centered around a WWE’s “big four” pay-per-view events, with shorts that follow ancestral moments and total in WWE’s history—including a second WrestleMania special, out this week.

Professional wrestling sits in a center of a uncanny Venn blueprint consistent sports and scripted television, where intensely gifted athletes find themselves inextricable in storylines with demons and abnormal cult leaders. It’s easy for wrestling media to play to “smarks”—smart marks, fans who honour themselves on insider believe of a “real” business of pro wrestling—or to gaunt so distant into a comedic, abnormal elements that it loses a relatable regard that endears some wrestlers, whose usually sorcery competence be their implausible skill, to fans.

The BOOM! Studios WWE group has managed to hover that excellent line in storylines centering around fan-favorite fast The Shield, and currently, a Women’s Revolution; Hopeless, Acuña and Garbark wobble wrestling’s wilder elements like a scary Wyatt Family or a jovial New Day with intensely intense storylines like Seth Rollins’ liberation from damage or Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte and Becky Lynch’s arise by NXT to spin a faces of a vital change in how women’s wrestling is treated in a WWE.

Now BOOM! has announced a fourth arc of a series, starting this June: a story of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, one of a many emotional, longest-running rivalries in complicated wrestling history. We talked to BOOM! Editor Eric Harburn and Associate Editor Chris Rosa about their thoughts on this arriving arc, and Sami and Kevin’s arriving compare during WrestleMania. The arc kicks off in WWE #18, accessible this June, and this year’s WrestleMania annual special only strike shelves this week.


WWE 18 cover.jpg

WWE #18 Cover Art by Dan Mora

Paste: First thing’s first: Sami Zayn contra Kevin Owens during WrestleMania. How are we feeling?

Chris Rosa: Well, now with a Sami/KO compare morphing into a tag-team showdown between Sami and KO vs. Shane-O-Mac and THE RETURNING DANIEL BRYAN, all bets are off. The strange Sami/KO strife was going to be epic, though now, this adversary will take a place among a biggest Wrestlemania moments, no matter that group comes out on top. That said, Eric has a deep, low loathing for ska music, so it’s protected to contend he’s Team Yes! all a way..

Paste: What drew we to this rivalry? Is this a story you’ve been prickly to tell in a comics?

Eric Harburn: This module has unequivocally been an annoyance of riches—there are only so many epic characters and stories to try over a 40+ years of WWE story that it’s unfit for us to tackle them all. Sami and KO have been on a list (ahem) given a beginning, and we’re really happy to have a possibility to take a low dive into their stories.

Paste: Will this arc reason on their time in NXT, or be some-more focused on what’s happened between them on Smackdown in new months?

Harburn: This story will reason on Smackdown Live, NXT and even Kami’s progressing common origins, though it is many prominently set in their stream epic argument with a aloft powers of SmackDown Live.

Paste: A prominence of a array for me has been romantic moments in astonishing places—I still consider about a method of Seth’s liberation with The New Day in volume one—but this story feels most some-more romantic in a most opposite way. Are we coming this any differently than, say, a Shield arc?

Harburn: Even some-more so than a Shield arcs, “Fight Forever” is focused on a singular relationship—Zayn and Owens’ on-again/off-again bromance for a ages. And as Dennis, Serg, Doug, Jim and a rest of a group have finished so good over a past 18 (!) issues, this arc is equal tools abdominal in-ring movement and romantic gut-punches.


WWE #16 Interior Art by Kendall Goode

Paste: What’s it been like collaborating with Serg Acuña and Doug Garbark? Serg in sold does good work in those romantic moments—this arc feels tailormade for him.

Harburn Serg, Doug and Jim do illusory work together—an ongoing comic array is no easy task, though they consistently deliver, and we can’t wait for everybody to see what they’re bringing to a list for “Fight Forever.”

Paste: What other rivalries would we wish to try in a series, if we had a chance?

Harburn: Stay tuned! But if you’d like a hint, some of a other WM matches reason a answer…

Paste: Let’s contend someone who doesn’t typically watch wrestling picks this adult WWE #18 this June, and their seductiveness is piqued. What Kevin vs. Sami compare would we recommend? (Or matches, if we can’t collect only one!)

Harburn: It’s an easy pick, though Battleground 2016 is a good gateway compare before diving serve into their storied (and YouTube-able!) history.

Paste: What was it like carrying Sami and Kevin cut a promo on a BOOM! team? Any possibility this WrestleMania compare is going to spin into a tab compare with some special appearances from BOOM!?

Harburn: Absolutely surreal. One of a coolest things to have happened in a careers—huge shout-out to Steve Pantaleo and a whole group over during WWE for facilitating that promo, and being an extraordinary chartering partner.

Paste: This competence be a dangerous question, but: who’s your income on during WrestleMania?

Harburn: The divert truck.
Rosa: Much adore to The Queen, though no one is prepared for Asuka…

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