Bluejack National, Tiger Woods’ initial US design, already is one of Texas’ best golf courses

The Zeon Zoysia fairways are wide, a 49 bunkers are filled with shining Premier White silt and a march measures 7,552 yards from a Tiger tees. (Augusta National is 7,435 yards.) There is no rough, though local areas good off a fairways have been famous to swallow adult a golf turn or two.

“My prophesy for a golf march was to use a fantastic environment of pines and mature oaks on a kindly rolling topography to emanate a thespian and noted course,” Woods pronounced by email. “I wanted to emanate a march with a operation of options that encourages players to cruise a accumulation of shots.”

Though a fairways are generous, plan is required.

“As members play some-more and more, a vital aspects of a course, a scold angles and a options around a greens turn some-more and some-more apparent and interesting,” Bluejack National boss Casey Paulson pronounced by email. “And while a march is challenging, generally from a Tiger tees, people are carrying fun on a march and wish to share a experience.

“That was, and continues to be, a common goal. we consider that’s since really few golf balls are lost, a march is playable for everyone, and rounds are as quick as players wish to play.”

Said Woods, “The biggest enrich that we can accept as a engineer is someone finishing their turn and being vehement about personification a golf march again. That’s function during Bluejack.”

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