Bigger Role For Shaquille O’Neal At PodcastOne

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    PODCASTONE has stretched former NBA star SHAQUILLE O’NEAL’s purpose with a podcast network and promotion sales company, with SHAQ holding a incomparable partial in compelling and curating a offerings during PODCASTONE SPORTSNET as good as stability his possess “THE BIG PODCAST WITH SHAQ.”

    “I have a blast doing my podcast each week,” pronounced O’NEAL. “And we always like to have my palm in a hottest businesses. Podcasting continues to feverishness adult and now is a time for me to take a subsequent step into a space – who improved to do it with than PODCASTONE, who has lead a approach in podcasting given a inception? They have a unusual prophesy for a sports community. So here we am. The ubiquitous of PODCASTONE SPORTSNET.”
    Chairman/CEO NORM PATTIZ added, “As someone who wears one of SHAQ’s championship rings on my finger, we know, initial hand, of his passion for success. There is no one bigger — in distance or spirit. SHAQ will mount for all PODCASTONE SPORTSNET is — quality, sports IQ, large fun, and a tie to fans everywhere.”

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