Big Shaq calls Shaquille O’Neal ‘irrelevant’ as trans-Atlantic argument …

British comedian-turned-rapper Big Shaq has branded Basketball fable Shaquille O’Neal “irrelevant” as a feud over who has a right to use a name Shaq erupted.

Big Shaq – AKA comedian Michael Dapaah – became a strike after his ‘Fire In The Booth’ freestyle swat video went viral, followed by strike satire lane ‘Mans Not Hot’.

However, O’Neal – who gained celebrity for his pivotal contributions to Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and The Lakers – took difference to a use of a name Big Shaq.

A month prolonged sell of ‘diss’ marks ensued – with conjunction figure clearly prepared to behind down usually yet.

The soil satire artist has now addressed a pair’s ‘beef’ in an talk with Rap Genius magazine.

“I know Shaquille O’Neal came out with a diss track, though he’s irrelevant fam,” said Shaq.

“He’s already a fable in a basketball thing. Stay out a swat thing fam. Shaquille O’Neal. Come couple man. Man’s in a USA. United States of Americas fam.

Shaquille O'Neal.jpg

“I told we where we am. Man’s posted on a block. Like a lowlife. we like my Fanta with no ice. Come and couple male fam.”

The argument began in Oct when Shaquille held breeze of Dapaah’s video and let it be famous he wasn’t a fan of a lane or Big Shaq’s “cockiness”. 

He teamed adult with Toronto formed rapper ShaqIsDope to broach a ‘diss track’ over a kick of Dapaah’s Mans Not Hot

In a track, Shaquille is listened delivering his possess rapping skils: “I can tell when we spit, Roadman Shaq / You could never be me, you’re not unequivocally a cause / I’m usually in here, about to win  / Ain’t got to spin, whole lot of ends.”

But the London formed MC incited his possess lane into a response and shot behind during Shaquille, referring to a star’s famous 2006 knee injury, that meant he had to lay out a infancy of his team’s NBA excellence that year.

Dapaah also had time to insult O’Neal’s dental and personal hygiene: “They call we Big Shaq / But you’re not Big Shaq / And your teeth unclothed plaque/ Mine no board / You’re usually wack / Cut some slack.

It is misleading during this theatre if Shaquille is wakeful that Big Shaq is a comedian personification a purpose of a soil rapper, though a impression seems to have angry a US hero regardless.

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