Best fits for big-name NFL giveaway agents

May 5, 2017

Making a list of a best remaining NFL giveaway agents in May is like perplexing to offer an ice cream sundae for breakfast a day after Thanksgiving. It’s a wrong time of year, no one’s inspired and there’s roughly zero left to put on it.

Biggest remaining holes for any NFL team

The Broncos have drafted both Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian, though should a group still be disturbed about a QB play? Football Outsiders analyzes a biggest need for any group after a draft.

  • Free-agent WR Cruz ‘anxious to get on a team’

    After 7 seasons with a Giants, giveaway representative WR Victor Cruz is still looking for work and is “anxious to get on a team.”

  • Yet here we are.

    There are some engaging names still looking for NFL work dual months after giveaway group began and a week after a draft. And while a timing competence seem weird, a calendar indeed has some aptitude here. Starting in a second week of May, free-agent signings no longer count opposite teams’ saving collect regulation for subsequent year.

    So it’s wholly probable that teams have been watchful until subsequent week to fodder around a cupboard to see if there’s a wandering bag of MMs or Marshmallow Fluff that competence customarily strike a spot. Here’s a prejudiced list of guys still out there and where they competence fit:

    Note: All ages are as of a commencement of a 2017 season.


    Colin Kaepernick, QB

    2016 team: San Francisco 49ers | Age: 29

    We’ve been over this one. Kaepernick apparently wants to play, though so distant no one has been interested. Could be his politics. Could be his career execution commission of 59.8. Could be both. Could count on who’s creation a decisions. At this point, he has to have given adult wish of signing to be someone’s starter. And you’ve listened section and hymn about how no one wants a backup quarterback for whom you’d have to change a offense. But that sounds like idle excuse-making, and during some indicate it will make clarity for someone to take a possibility on a backup with 58 career starts.

    Best fit: Seattle Seahawks. What? I’m crazy to consider he slides right into what they do if something happens to Russell Wilson?

    Other quarterbacks on a market: There was that thing a integrate of months ago about Saints manager Sean Payton carrying breakfast or something with Johnny Manziel. And has anyone during all listened anything from Robert Griffin III?

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