Bernie Casey, Pro Bowl receiver incited actor, dies during 78

Bernie Casey, one of a NFL’s fastest receivers in a 1960s and an actor and artist who gained celebrity in a 1970s and 1980s, has died during a age of 78.

Born in a tiny city of Wyco, West Virginia, Casey became a college football and lane star during Bowling Green. In 1959 he was a pivotal actor on a 9-0 Bowling Green group that was voted a tiny college inhabitant champion. One of Casey’s college teammates was Jack Harbaugh, who after became a manager and is a father of Jim and John Harbaugh.

Casey was an superb all-around contestant who finished sixth in a 110-meter hurdles during a 1960 U.S. Olympic trials, and during 6-foot-4 he was a matchup calamity for hostile defensive backs. Loving that talent, a 49ers comparison Casey with a ninth altogether collect in a 1961 NFL draft.

A male who accepted that players could control their careers prolonged before a players won a right to giveaway agency, Casey was traded from a 49ers to a Falcons in 1967, though he refused to go to Atlanta. Casey knew he wanted to try acting, and so he told a Falcons they’d have to trade him again, this time to a Los Angeles Rams. The Falcons, meaningful Casey wouldn’t budge, obliged.

In an eight-year NFL career, Casey finished in a Top 10 in receiving 4 times. His best deteriorate came in 1967 with a Rams, when he was selected to a Pro Bowl and scored a game-winning touchdown in a final notation of a pivotal late-season win over a Packers, assisting a Rams acquire a playoff berth.

When Casey announced his retirement in 1969 during a age of 29, he pronounced he had other things he wanted to do with his life. He had already created and starred in one-man plays, and he dictated to paint and have a book of communication published as well. In 1977, when a New York Times interviewer asked if he had any thoughts on football, Casey answered, “Actually, I’m operative on a volume of adore communication now.”

Casey’s initial film purpose came in Guns of a Magnificent Seven, a supplement to a classical The Magnificent Seven. He matched adult as a football actor one some-more time to seem in Brian’s Song, and he after had roles in a James Bond film Never Say Never Again, and in 1980s comedies like Revenge of a Nerds and Bill Ted’s Excellent Adventure. In Bill Ted, Casey played a clergyman who asked Ted (Keanu Reeves) who Joan of Arc was, eliciting a response, “Noah’s wife?”

In comedic or thespian roles, as a painter or a poet, as a far-reaching receiver or a hurdler, Bernie Casey was one of a kind.

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