Bengals 2017 confidant predictions: Andre Smith plays like Pro Bowl guard

While his talent was seen as a best among descent linemen in a 2009 class, Andre Smith hasn’t entirely lived adult to his breeze stock. Even so, after being taken No. 6 altogether by a Cincinnati Bengals that year, Smith has had an NFL career that could be personal as “solid”. There have been bumps in a road, quite in a early partial of his NFL life, though Smith was a large partial of a Bengals’ run to 5 true postseason appearances from 2011-2015.

Smith reunited with a Bengals this offseason after a group mislaid a dual best descent linemen in giveaway agency. His one-year agreement shows that his army with a group competence be small some-more than a short-term band-aid, though it could be a much-needed one as a descent line now stands as a biggest doubt symbol on a 2017 squad.

In his reunion with a Bengals, Smith is looking to male a new position for him during a pro level—right guard. On both Cincy Jungle and The Orange and Black Insider podcast, we’ve been giving a satisfactory volume of crazy predictions for a group and what could occur during a 2017 season.

Could Smith personification during a Pro Bowl turn this year indeed transpire? If it does, a Bengals’ offense would be in many improved condition after a depart of Kevin Zeitler.

Why this prophecy is likely:

Better positional fit?: Although Smith was No. 6 altogether collect as a tackle, some believed he would always be an All-Pro form of ensure in a NFL. He dabbled during personification inside in college during Alabama, though he has never lined adult during ensure in a NFL. Still, we’ve seen Smith onslaught in pass insurance opposite a smaller, quicker corner rushers, so maybe relocating him inside will facade those deficiencies—especially as his career winds down.

Bengals clearly re-committing to a run game: Because of his distance and ability set, Smith has been famous some-more for his run restraint bravery than as a pass protector. Though they haven’t had high breeze investments on a descent line given 2015, they did use a second turn preference this open on using behind Joe Mixon. Offensive line manager Paul Alexander is good wakeful of Smith’s strengths and weaknesses, so plays will be concocted to use Smith effectively to pave a approach for Mixon, Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill.

Why this prophecy is bold:

A miss of experience: As mentioned above, Smith has not played ensure during a NFL level. With additional unawareness rearing a nauseous conduct during many other spots on a descent line, one might be prone to trust Smith’s probable success would hinge on a some-more proven line. Smith doesn’t seem to have Pro Bowl-type of assistance during core and right tackle flanking him this year, so he’ll need to play during a really high turn in a code new spot.

Andre’s health issues: While many of Smith’s health issues have been related to a early partial of his career and conditioning issues, there have been some-more new concerns. After Mike Zimmer pounced to pointer him to a one-year understanding with a Vikings final year, Smith finished adult blank 12 games with a triceps injury. He also missed dual games in 2015 and another 8 (postseason included) in 2014, formulating questions about his durability. In fact, of his 8 accrued seasons, Smith has usually been active for a whole deteriorate twice. If he is to assistance a offense and play during a high level, he’ll need to sojourn healthy for many of 2017.

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