Becky Lynch and Rusev have not won on pay-per-view in over a year

Rusev is confronting Shinsuke Nakamura during Fastlane on Sun., Mar. 11, 2018, during a Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. It will substantially be an ascending conflict for a Bulgarian Brute to win that compare deliberation Nakamura is a leader of a 2018 men’s Royal Rumble compare and headed for a vital hitch with AJ Styles for a WWE Championship during WrestleMania 34.

I was meditative about how renouned a Rusev Day gimmick seems to be and wondering when Rusev competence get his subsequent large push. In reflecting on this, we motionless to demeanour behind on his new story on pay-per-view (PPV). we was dumbfounded to see that Handsome Rusev has not won on PPV given a count-out feat over Big Cass on a pre-show for Roadblock: End of a Line, approach behind in Dec 2016. And if you’re like me and consider that being on a pre-show doesn’t unequivocally count, afterwards we have to go all a approach behind to Jul 2016 to find Rusev’s final feat on a categorical label of a PPV (at Battleground contra Zack Ryder).

Similarly, Becky Lynch is another act who seems to be flattering renouned with WWE crowds and it feels like she could be given a large pull during any point, though it only never happens for whatever reason. The final time she won on PPV was opposite Mickie James during Elimination Chamber 2017, approach behind in Feb of that year. It’s been some-more than a full year given possibly Becky or Rusev have won on PPV.

Sure, I’m a small undone with WWE’s engagement of dual acts that perform a ruin out of me, though Rusev did skip some time with an damage in a initial half of 2017 so it’s not utterly as elementary as only transfer on Vince McMahon for not fondness to pull a stars who we prefer.

The some-more engaging thing to consternation about, in my view, is looking forward to how stars like this will transport once brand-exclusive PPVs go away. Becky will substantially be ok since a women’s multiplication has fewer members and it’s reasonable to design she will get her possibility shortly enough. She competence even be a favorite to win her compare this weekend during Fastlane 2018.

I am most some-more disturbed about Rusev, who we consider competence have a tough time even creation it onto dual-brand PPVs. Lots of comparison assumptions about a wrestling business substantially need to be mutated in this epoch of WWE Network replacing a aged PPV model, though for now it still feels like a protected arrogance that it is tough to arise adult a label in WWE but winning some matches on PPV. The stars who are given a spotlight on PPV are generally a ones who will be given some-more time on radio to build to those monthly Sunday night matches.

What do we consider Cagesiders, am we fretting over zero here? When do we consider Rusev and Becky Lynch will win on PPV again?

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