Bayley Finally Turns Heel on Sasha Banks

The Bayley vs. Sasha Banks argument finally took another step on Monday Night Raw this week, as a likeable hugger Bayley snapped on her former friend.

The occurrence took place after a 6 lady tab compare with Bayley, Banks, Ember Moon opposite a Riott Squad, a compare Bayley protested with ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle forward of time.

Riott wound adult winning a compare for her group by rolling Banks adult for a pin, and as everybody was withdrawal a ring Bayley jumped Banks from behind.

Banks never saw it entrance and was too out of it to put adult any kind of fight.

“After all you’ve finished to me these final few years, not only final week! Everything!” Bayley screamed to an comatose Banks. “You consider you’re improved than me, Sasha? You consider we were improved than me a whole time!”

After a commerical break, Bayley approached Angle in his office. He criticized her for not caring about a Women’s Evolution, and pronounced she would be streamer to “mandatory counseling” subsequent week.

Perhaps that means a lapse of everybody’s favorite annoy government counselor, Dr. Shelby? One can hope.

The story between a dual goes all a approach behind to their time in NXT, when Bayley prisoner a NXT Women’s Championship from Banks during NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in 2015. The dual thereafter main-evented NXT TakeOver: Respect several months after in a first-ever women’s Ironman match, where Bayley defended her title.

Banks assimilated Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in their burst to a categorical register in Jul 2015, and Bayley assimilated her a full year after as her poser tab group partner during the Battleground pay-per-view in Jul 2016.


It seemed a argument between a dual was on a approach to finally reigniting when Banks tricked Bayley and separated her with a hide conflict during a first-ever women’s Royal Rumble compare in January. “The Boss” followed that adult a month after thereafter she pushed Bayley off a pod during Elimination Chamber, removing her separated from a compare in a process. For months thereafter a dual would go behind and onward in a locker room and in a ring over who was done during who, removing into earthy brawls on some-more than one occasion.

Will this latest growth lead to a one-on-one compare between a dual soon? We’ll have to wait and see.

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