Barber: Wildcats Kerr, Tolbert, Fraser, McMillan reunited in Bay Area

The year before Olson and Kerr got to Arizona, a Wildcats finished 4-24 and were passed final in a Pac-10 Conference. In Kerr’s beginner year, they softened to 11-17. And as Olson overhauled a roster, a module continued to ascend.

Arizona done a NCAA contest in 1985, incited another dilemma when Elliott arrived a following year, and by 1988 was personification in a Final Four. It’s an arc that has never unequivocally declined. Olson late in 2008 with one NCAA championship and a conference-record 327 Pac-10 victories. Now 83, he is worshiped by his former players.

Kerr: The initial time we met (Olson) was during a party in Los Angeles, my comparison year (of high school). He spoke during a banquet. And my mom took me to a party and sat there, and she fell in adore with him. He’s adult there with his good looks and ideal demeanour and observant all a right things, articulate about preparation and college experience. He wasn’t recruiting me during a time. But my mom pronounced to me after his speech, “That’s a kind of manager we wish we to play for.” And it only so happened that a few months later, he did partisan me.

McMillan: we consider a finish of my beginner year they started offered out each game. And they haven’t sole a (walk-up) sheet to a game, we think, given my beginner year.

Kerr: Sean, in my mind, took us over a tip and took a good module to a good one. And afterwards a recruits unequivocally started entrance in.

Tolbert: We were a good group — a unequivocally good team. But Sean was a superstar. Sean was a man you’d give a round to and say, “Get us something. Just get us something.” And he could do that. He was so skilled. we mean, 6-8, could hoop a ball, he could fire a 3, unequivocally smart, done good decisions.

Kerr: (In 1987-88) we beat, we think, 3 top-5 or top-10 teams in a initial month of a season. And we went adult to No. 1. Man, that was crazy. Going behind to city and everybody is wearing “U of A No. 1” T-shirts. That was fun. We were destroying people, too. … If we remember correctly, we consider as a team, we shot 55 percent for a season. (It was 54.5 percent.) Which is unheard of. Doesn’t happen.

Tolbert: It was a small bit like your group here. we mean, we’re not, obviously, on that level. But a nonplus pieces fit. we mean, we weren’t a biggest talent, yet we had some-more talent than people suspicion we did. Everything fit together. You can have good talent and all competence not fit. We fit.

Kerr: Yeah. We had Kenny Lofton entrance off a bench. Seventeen years in Major League Baseball. Jud Buechler, who was phenomenal, was a sophomore, and took on a obtuse purpose for a good of a team. Sean Rooks was a redshirt that year. We were loaded.


None of this foursome’s stream roles validate as a warn to those who know them well. But it would have been unfit to envision that all of them would finish adult here. Kerr was tighten to stuffing a New York Knicks’ coaching cavity before Joe Lacob captivated him to Oakland, and Fraser pronounced he would have followed him there. Like them, Tolbert was a Southern California kid. But it was KNBR that gave him his initial large mangle after his NBA career (which enclosed 3 years with a Warriors) was over, and he never left.

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