Baltimore Ravens: 5 Underrated Draft Picks From The Past 5 Years

Feb 22, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Baltimore Ravens ubiquitous manager Ozzie Newsome speaks during a NFL Combine during Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are still being led by Ozzie Newsome. Here are 5 peculiarity players that he found in a breeze recently:

There has been a lot of speak about Ozzie Newsome and his disappearing breeze results. The Baltimore Ravens have missed a playoffs 3 of a past 4 seasons; any ubiquitous manager is going to get criticized in that time period. Newsome is still a efficient football mind, he has mislaid some-more about football than we or we might ever know. When you’re a GM of an NFL group zero is going to stop fans from hurling censure your way. That being said, anyone who doesn’t honour Newsome doesn’t honour a diversion of football.

Newsome was inducted into a Pro Football Hall of Fame as a parsimonious end. He has had an equally ancestral run as an executive in a NFL. We have all complained about some of a decisions he has made, yet we can never stop being beholden for what he has done. He built dual Super Bowl teams. Newsome also played a vast purpose in assisting John Harbaugh win during slightest one playoff diversion in his initial 5 seasons.

Things have not been as good lately. Everybody understands that. Sometimes, it is usually good to give regard to Newsome for a things he is still doing right. He started off his run in Baltimore drafting Jonathan Ogden an Ray Lewis in a same season. He has drafted several Hall of Fame estimable players and a garland of Pro Bowl selections. Nothing in this universe stays as prohibited as Newsome was in a NFL Draft. While we have all been whining, here are 5 underrated players that he found in a past 5 years.

Dec 25, 2016; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Baltimore Ravens fullback Kyle Juszczyk (44) stretches a turn opposite a idea line to measure a touchdown in a fourth entertain of a diversion opposite a Pittsburgh Steelers during Heinz Field. Pittsburgh won 31-27. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

5. Kyle Juszczyk:

If his late touchdown opposite a Pittsburgh Steelers had been a diversion winner, Kyle Juszczyk wouldn’t have to compensate for his possess splash in Baltimore ever again. The Harvard fullback is going to a Pro Bowl this season. He is a do it all kind of player. He blocks and he is a weapon. Juszczyk is a earthy actor with a ton of heart. The fullback position doesn’t get a lot of adore in this complicated epoch of football yet Baltimore loves series 44.

Juszczyk has been deceptively concerned in a offense. You might be astounded when we tell you, he has held 97 passes in a final 3 seasons. The Ravens drafted “Juice” in a fourth turn of a 2013 draft. It’s flattering protected to contend that a Ravens got a many out of their investment.

I would disagree that a Ravens did not use Juszczyk adequate this season. The group seemed to be built for dual backs in a backfield and a tough attack belligerent game. Instead a Ravens essentially used one behind and threw a football.

Sep 18, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Baltimore Ravens descent ensure Alex Lewis (72) opposite a Cleveland Browns during a second half during FirstEnergy Stadium. The Ravens degraded a Browns 25-20. Mandatory Credit: Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

4. Alex Lewis:

The Ravens found one heck of a solid in a severe with Alex Lewis. It is singular to find a man who can play left ensure and left tackle in a fourth round. Lewis arguably has as many certain intensity as Ronnie Stanley. Stanley was this sixth collect in a 2016 NFL Draft. Lewis was a 130th collect in a draft. Before removing harm in a Ravens TNF diversion opposite a Browns, Lewis was carrying a illusory rookie season.

Lewis’s Draft Profile had him as a 5th or a 6th turn pick. The form was penned by Lance Zierlein and it says “There is adequate there to work with Lewis as a behind adult tackle.” The Ravens took Lewis in a fourth turn and started him subsequent to a rookie left tackle. It sounds like a disaster watchful to occur and it was not a problem during all. Lewis even got some time during left tackle when Stanley was hurt.

Stanley was pegged as an normal contestant who wasn’t going to be a starter in a NFL. The Ravens saw something else. This is a collect that Newsome and association should get an awful lot of credit for.

Sep 20, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Baltimore Ravens parsimonious finish Crockett Gillmore (80) celebrates with receiver Kamar Aiken (11) after scoring on a nine-yard touchdown accepting in a second entertain opposite a Oakland Raiders during Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

3. Crockett Gillmore:

I keep watchful for Gillmore to take over a reigns during a parsimonious finish position and he keeps battling injuries. Talent is clearly not a emanate for this third turn collect out of Colorado State. Gillmore was utterly a find for Newsome. We’re articulate about an jaunty and large aim that still has a ton of untapped potential. Gillmore is 6’6″ and is as earthy as they get during a parsimonious finish position.

Gillmore had 33 receptions in a 2015 season. He usually played in 10 games that year due to injuries. It became really transparent that Gillmore was a elite aim of Joe Flacco and that he was a arms with a ball. When Gillmore is using with a football, he skeleton to run people over.

It’s not out of a area of possibilities that Gillmore could turn a star. Last deteriorate he was leaned on when he was healthy. If Gillmore can equivocate a damage bug, a sky is a limit. Circumstances some-more than anything, have prevented a bigger grant from Gillmore. He missed 11 games in 2016 and 6 games in 2015. When he has been on a field, he has achieved well.

Sep 20, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Baltimore Ravens right tackle Rick Wagner (71) defends opposite Oakland Raiders defensive finish Mario Edwards Jr. (97) during Coliseum. The Raiders degraded a Ravens 37-33. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2. Rick Wagner

The Ravens asked a lot from their fifth turn collect in a 2013 Draft. They had Rick Wagner turn a starting right tackle in his second season. Since afterwards he has usually missed 3 starts. There is a reason that Wagner is not a left tackle. However, he is a workable actor on a right side. When a Ravens mislaid Michael Oher, they indispensable an affordable choice to fill his shoes. Wagner has taken a pursuit and hasn’t looked back.

The Ravens have finished a robe of creation players that other teams upheld adult into purpose stuffing picks. Wagner has outproduced what a fifth turn collect is ostensible to do. Wagner is never going to mangle a bank, yet he will have a pursuit in a NFL for a while. Decent right tackles are tough to find these days.

The Ravens find talent in a trenches improved than many teams. It is a area that Newsome is many gentle drafting. This is since Baltimore always has an answer to their problems along a line of scrimmage.

Nov 24, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Brandon Williams (98) reacts after a New Orleans Saints turnover during a initial entertain of a diversion during a Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. Brandon Williams:

Sometimes we don’t know what we have until it’s gone. we am fearful that could be a box with Brandon Williams, who is set to turn a giveaway agent. Williams has been a space eating, double group perfectionist savage for a Ravens. He is one of a best run interlude defensive tackles in a whole football league. When Kelechi Osemele was about to strike a open marketplace everybody freaked out. There has not been many review about gripping Williams.

Williams is on this list since he is underrated and he outperformed his breeze positioning. Williams has been one of a best 3-4 nose guards in all of football. When we demeanour during a impact he has made, we have to be impressed.

If we are looking for Tavon Young or Kenneth Dixon, they are not on this list. we consider everybody is buzzing about those dual players, so they were not underrated picks. That usually proves my indicate though, that things have not been all bad for a Ravens drafting. There have been some-more misses in new years yet a Ravens still get some talent in a draft.

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