Ball transformation tip to Warriors’ 6-0 postseason start

The Golden State Warriors have been a design of coherence this postseason, rolling to a 6-0 start and winning their games by an normal of scarcely 16 points. Their stream scoring differential would be a best in NBA history.

Utah Jazz that they haven’t trailed for a singular second.

A tip to a Warriors’ unchanging success this postseason? Their round movement.

Against a Jazz, a Warriors have posted 32 and 33 assists in a initial dual games. Golden State has assisted on 79 percent of all a margin goals in this array and 69 percent of a margin goals in a whole postseason.

Game 2 was a Warriors’ 53rd diversion with 30 or some-more assists (regular deteriorate and playoffs), 34 some-more than next-closest team. The final group to have during slightest 53 30-assists games in a deteriorate was a 1985-86 Lakers (also 53).

The Warriors have usually attempted one some-more shot than a Jazz this series, though not all shots are combined equal. Golden State has 39 some-more attempts preceded by a pass.

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