Azealia Banks “Queen of Ireland” calls Irish women “ugly” and asks Conor McGregor for help

US star calls Irish women “Oompa Loompa looking mist tanned, crazy looking b*****s” and adds that she woke adult “in a Irish open …I got a pot of gold, b***h” forward of sold-out Dublin gig.

The American singer-songwriter’s amicable media posts forward of her Dublin gig on Tuesday (Jan 22) have left viral after she “got off” her moody from London to Dublin and took to Instagram angry about all from airline staff to a fact that “Irish women are ugly”, dubbing herself a “queen of Ireland” who had a “pot of gold”.

In dual apart Instagram videos a star, best famous for marks like “212” and “Anna Wintour”, ranted about her knowledge carrying been forced to get “off a plane” an Aer Lingus moody from London to Dublin.

Following her amicable media rants, a Irish airline expelled a matter observant they have a “strict no-tolerance process towards disruptive guest behavior.”

Banks said, on Instagram, a staff treated her “like an animal”.

The US star pronounced she “had her bags low in a plane” and a moody attendant was seeking her questions.

She pronounced “I was perplexing to find my pass and we didn’t have a answers and she was staring during me. we pronounced don’t glance during me.”

Banks explained that a cabin organisation afterwards spoke with a captain and some-more staff “crowded” around her, as she said, “like I’m some arrange on animal”.

She pronounced she “got off a plane” and added, “I’ve worked too tough in my life to be cornered.”

The 27-year-old star went on to contend that “Irish women are ugly” and pronounced she had been criminialized from drifting with Aer Lingus.

The Aer Lingus matter on a matter read:

“Aer Lingus can endorse that dual guest scheduled to fly on 10:55 GMT moody from London Gatwick to Dublin (EI233) this morning disembarked themselves before to departure.

“The guest in doubt got off a craft safely of their possess accord.

“Aer Lingus has a despotic no-tolerance process towards disruptive guest behavior. The reserve and confidence of a guest and organisation stays a initial priority.”

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In a videos that repelled her fans she went on to impact Irish women and ask for support from a Irish UFC champ Conor McGregor.

She said:

“I’ve had adequate of we Oompa Loompa looking mist tanned, crazy looking b*****s tonight, we know?

“The girls have scurvy, they’re like vitamin deficient. They need some calcium tablets and some Camaraderie soap. Anyways, I’m behind on a Chardonel.”

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She went on to share screenshots of a review with a MMA star Conor McGregor who she had texted “Conor assistance me they are bullying me” to.

The US thespian also posted seeking if Ryanair and Aer Lingus were a same country. She wrote “Are Ryanair and Aer Lingus a same thing? Trying to rebook my moody though I’m fearful it might be one of those common formula flights.

“I’m going to make it to Dublin. Do not worry.”

As she done her contend opposite a Irish Sea by packet to Dublin her harangue continued.

She pronounced “Aren’t we happy to have such a Queen like me? Oh my God, a initial black black of Ireland.

“I unequivocally only woke adult in a Irish open and a girls can’t take it. “I got a pot of gold, b***h. I’ve got a pot of gold, and I’m not even from here.

“Now wait, until we do this sole out f*****g show. Y’all b*****s are gonna see who a f*****g Queen of Ireland is.”

This is a not a initial time that Banks has been in prohibited H2O over her use of argumentative denunciation and posts on amicable media. In 2016 she publicly apologized for regulating extremist and homophobic denunciation in a diatribe destined during a former One Direction, rope member Zayn Malik. Her Twitter comment was after dangling and forsaken from a lineup of soil and hip-hop festival Born Bred in Haggerston, easterly London.

At a time she claimed Malik had copied some of her ideas and that his video for “Like we Would”. She claimed it looked like a one she done for her lane “Yung Rapunxel”.

Her Twitter comment was after suspended, and she was also forsaken from a lineup of soil and hip-hop festival Born Bred in Haggerston, easterly London.

What do we make of Banks’ Instragram videos while in Ireland? Take and demeanour and let us know what we consider in a comments territory below. 

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