Atlanta Braves: what a heck, let’s assume about Stanton

It’s a Hot Stove deteriorate – a time when rumors fly about willy-nilly.  So here’s one to start with that we competence as good have some fun with:  Giancarlo Stanton.

Sure, we will be a initial (actually substantially a 43rd) to contend that this gossip has about as many legs to mount on as a Black Knight from Scene 4 of Monty Python and a Holy Grail, but there indeed is somebody who put in essay a thought that a Atlanta Braves might have seductiveness in Giancarlo Stanton this winter.

Here’s a full quote, entrance from a Boston’s Globe’s Nick Cafardo, in a story about 35 names and teams to watch this off-season:

2. Giancarlo Stanton, RF, Marlins — It’ll take vital creativity and income to make a trade happen, though all indications from Marlins crew contend they will try to understanding Stanton. There’ll be all sorts of proposals, some involving lots of prospects, some involving a lot of income a Marlins would have to eat. There’s also a no-trade sustenance involved. Stanton doesn’t wish to go to a rebuilding team. He’s also from a West Coast, so that competence be a preference. The list of teams that could be in a hunt embody a Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Rangers, Phillies, and Braves. Am we crazy to consider about Aaron Judge and Stanton in a same lineup?


Okay, Atlanta is indeed mentioned final among a 8 teams named.  And there’s positively no outmost confirmation to this whatsoever – so it’s pristine conjecture on a partial of this writer.

Actually, we aria to remember anything we’ve ever quoted from Cafardo that ever panned out, though … whatever.

Just for fun, we’ll chuck this in from a same column, that is maybe a hold some-more plausible:

27. Atlanta Braves — GM John Coppolella lost his pursuit since of general signing violations. MLB has reportedly excluded group boss John Hart of any wrongdoing. Hart will now collect a new GM and is deliberation Washington assistants Dan Jennings and Doug Harris and presumably Ben Cherington. The Braves competence also be removing closer to spending income as a contender again.


Okay, that final line… ‘may also be removing tighten to spending income as a contender again‘.  Right  – that partial is a bit that creates this whole anticipation rather plausible, and maybe generally so in a arise of this off-season daze that could cost Atlanta dearly.

So let me paint a unfolding in that a thought of removing a many costly actor in ball competence indeed work for a Braves, and we can paint your possess portraits of scorn later.



All righty.  The initial and second things that would have to occur engage a dual dilemma outfield positions.  So we’ll usually assume a following:

  • Nick Markakis – traded for all though maybe $2-3 million of his deal.  Let’s contend “$3 million” for a consequence of this exercise.  we don’t caring who or what comes behind in a deal… not partial of a range today.
  • Matt Kemp – undisguised expelled -or- traded to Cafardo’s Boston Red Sox in a unfolding we’ve discussed here before:  Rusney Castillo.

Why even do a latter?  Because $40 million (what a Braves still owe Kemp) is still a lot to swallow and Castillo represents both a possibility to save a bit of cash, and supplement a ‘hot backup’ in Castillo that during slightest has some value in box of an injury.

But in a misfortune case, recover Kemp.

So now we have no dilemma outfielders… Ronald Acuna will get a mark this Spring – and either it’s LF/CRF/RF… we don’t caring today.  Stanton would substantially get a right margin corner.


The Money

So now a Braves have saved somewhere between $7 million and $27 million or so, depending on a particulars.

Right now, my off-season guess has a group spending a smallest of $84 million (+/-) with Markakis and Matt Adams out of a equation.  If Kemp were released, afterwards zero unequivocally changes.  If he is dealt, afterwards maybe that save a bit some-more – suggesting adult to half of his understanding in a Castillo swap.

Well right there is scarcely adequate to compensate for Stanton…and even if Atlanta were to work from that $84 million figure, they could still compensate him though surpassing final year’s payroll (and it wouldn’t even be close).

Oh – that $40 million for Kemp? … okay, that would have to be dealt with separately.

But here’s a thing… Stanton’s agreement isn’t going to demeanour that appalling in another 3-4 years.

In fact, usually wait until we see what Bryce Harper, Molan Arenado, Manny Machado, and Mike Trout eventually get from their up-coming giveaway representative deals.  Sure – Stanton peaks during $32 million as partial of his back-loaded understanding (2023-24), though fact is, he might indeed select to opt out after 2020 anyway… usually 3 seasons.

Either way, we get him in his primary now and go by 2027 (there’s an choice for 2028) during dollars that are going to demeanour ‘normal’ for a middle-of-the-order slugger.

Heck, Kemp is removing $21.75 million today.  Justin Upton usually concluded on terms that will compensate him $21+ million for 5 some-more years in Los Angeles.  The cost for attack is high, and not removing lower.  Stanton during slightest represents the best in ball for slugging right now.


A Trade?

I’m not even disturbed about what Stanton competence cost in prospects.  The Marlins’ arch regard is about cost reduction, though certain – they will wish a integrate of decent prospects behind as good – even if a trade partner opts to take on a full contract.

But should a Braves spend a integrate of reward pitchers (and more) to set adult a lineup that competence demeanour like this in another year or two?

  • Inciarte
  • Albies
  • Freeman
  • Stanton
  • Acuna
  • Riley
  • Jackson
  • Swanson

It’s a fantasy, though did we usually get your courtesy with that?

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