Atlanta Braves: Should Trade Matt Kemp

The Atlanta Braves have an engaging trade preference to make this off-season between trade Matt Kemp or Nick Markakis. The Braves should try fluctuating Markakis and do all in their energy to trade Matt Kemp.

The Atlanta Braves have a lot of moves to make headed into a off-season few some-more critical than relocating one of their stream outfielders. With a tip awaiting in Ronald Acuna knocking on a doorway a Braves will pierce during slightest one outfielder to yield a starting purpose for Acuna.

Trading Matt Kemp is a best pierce for a Braves. Nick Markakis has proven himself in improved figure and means to stay healthier and yield some-more unchanging production. The problem with Kemp will be anticipating a group peaceful to take a apportionment of his salary.

Kemp was traded to a Braves in a mutual income dump when a Braves dealt Hector Olivera. Kemp is over paid for his ability turn and will be formidable to understanding if a Braves design to accept any lapse in a trade.

Kemp’s damage story and underachieving given withdrawal a Dodgers will make him some-more formidable to market. The Braves should understanding Kemp and try to keep Markakis prolonged tenure as a maestro presence.

With copiousness of bats on a giveaway representative marketplace able of replacing Kemp’s prolongation relocating Kemp shouldn’t be a concern.

Lane Adams duration should be a Braves’ 4th outfielder after putting together a really good deteriorate from a bench. The Braves outfield is set to make a lot of moves in 2018 as they get prepared for Ronald Acuna.



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