Atlanta Braves OF Matt Kemp right hamstring aria damage update

Braves Kemp on DL, though for how many longer?

The Atlanta Braves lineup needs Matt Kemp…yeah, we pronounced it. What now?

Having a 32-year-old’s bat in a lineup day in and day out helps a Braves tremendously and in my mind, there’s no doubt about it.

The maestro outfielder has been out given Jul 28 with a right hamstring strain.  2017 has been all about hamstring issues for Kemp.  In a commencement partial of this season, he missed time due to a left hamstring aria and afterwards progressing in a year his right one flared up.

When perplexing to extend a singular into a double on Jul 28, a right hamstring popped adult again.

When Kemp arrived during a margin on Jul 29, a hamstring didn’t get any improved over night.  The Braves placed him on a DL that day and he’s been there since.

We haven’t listened many out of a Braves stay about Kemp’s damage or return…until today.

Kemp has a condense line of .290/.336/.477 with 14 homers, 21 doubles, 48 RBIs, 40 runs scored.  He’s played in 88 games this season.

Braves Kelsey Wingert told us before to a diversion that a Braves are awaiting Kemp to go on subsequent highway outing with a group and work with a trainers.  Meaning he won’t be on a rehab assignment until subsequent week — Braves play a Phillies in a two-game series, afterwards a day off and a 3 diversion outing to St. Louis.

Injuries have always been tied with Kemp via his professional career.  If he could stay healthy, he’s one dangerous hitter.

He’s sealed with a Braves by a 2019 deteriorate so a Braves have their #4 kick for during slightest dual some-more seasons…unless they trade him, that we wish they don’t do.

What we do wish they do with Kemp is take it easy with him.

The Braves are now 51-59 and are many expected out of playoff contention.  Atlanta should not rush him behind given unequivocally there’s no point.

Let’s do all we can to get these hamstrings healed adult and prepared to go for subsequent year.  With Kemp aging, we shouldn’t be holding nonessential risks of rushing him behind to a field.

Here’s a stat for you…

Prior to Kemp going on a DL and given returning from his DL army (July 4), Freddie Freeman went usually four games though a hit.  Yep, usually 4 games going 0-fer during a plate.

Since Kemp went on a DL, Freeman has had 4 games though a hit…but this is out of usually 9 games.  Yep, Freddie hasn’t had a strike in 4 out of a 9 games Kemp has missed.

Are these stats all given Kemp’s on a DL?  Probably not, though we can’t kick protection.

With Kemp behind Freeman in a lineup, pitchers can’t give adult anything.  Without Kemp behind Freeman, pitchers aren’t giving Freeman anything to hit.

My thoughts are: Kemp in a lineup is a must.  A healthy Matt Kemp can make this lineup low and dangerous.

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