Atlanta Braves: Is Something Wrong With Matt Kemp?

The Atlanta Braves (37-41) have softened as a group during a month of June. Matt Kemp hasn’t been in on that party.

Let’s only get this out of a way…Matt Kemp has been a freaking timber in Atlanta. we don’t caring what a Dodgers fans say. we don’t caring what Padres fans say. Maybe they’re right. we only don’t care. Kemp has been good for a Atlanta Braves. Quietly, though, not in a month of June.

The numbers censor that fact since he was so good early on. Like MVP turn good. Like batting pretension turn good. Still, it’s rare when a group gets improved as a whole, even Dansby Swanson, though afterwards one dude falls off. That’s what’s happened to Kemp, and a numbers are kind of startling.

According to, in a months of March/April, Matt Kemp, in 13 games and 58 image appearances, strike .321. In May, Kemp played in 28 games, with 123 image appearances and strike a ostentatious .357. Yet, in June, by 22 games played and 92 PA, he’s strike a walking .239.

Why is this? Is this a slump? If you’ve ever played round competitively, or watched any Kevin Costner ball movie, we know that it is a fallacious game. You don’t move adult slumps with a teammate or in a media. You only let it ride. My theory is this is since Chip Caray and Joe Simpson haven’t opined on air.

But a month isn’t a slump. It’s some-more like a swoon, and swoons customarily occur since of one thing: Injury. Kemp has missed time with a hamstring already. we consternation if it isn’t still bothering him.

The indicate of this isn’t to murky waters or start a disastrous gibberish combine. we wish it isn’t injury. Maybe he had to lift a group so most early that he’s dialed it behind a little. Who knows?

But we do know that a steep drop-off happened in June, and that no one around a Atlanta Braves organization, or Braves media, is articulate about it.

But it matters. Matt Kemp is some-more than constituent to this team’s success. Kemp is a cornerstone. The Atlanta Braves need him to get right. Because when he’s on, he’s one of a best hitters in a game. With Freddie Freeman coming back, a lineup fortitude of Freeman, Kemp, Adams, Markakis, and Flowers isn’t a mixture “hope to” lineup anymore. It’s a contender.

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