Asking cost to unite Mayweather-McGregor quarrel during $10M

4:16 PM ET

Top sponsorships for a quarrel between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been set, with a $10 million seeking cost for a pretension unite of a Aug. 26 fight.

Talent group WME-IMG, owners of a UFC, sent out a offer to companies to sign their seductiveness in sponsoring elements of a fight, that ESPN has obtained.

The $10 million would scarcely double boxing’s largest single-fight sponsorship, a $5.6 million that Tecate paid for Mayweather-Pacquiao in May 2015.

The sponsoring association would get a trademark during a core of a ring during Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, a branding on ring girls, on dual of a ropes and in a dual nonfighter corners of a ring. The understanding also includes sponsorship of a initial notation of any turn on a promote and $500,000 in tickets.

Relative to other ad deals, Goodyear will compensate a Cavaliers $7 million to $10 million in any of a subsequent 3 seasons to have a 2½-inch-by-2½-inch trademark patch on a team’s jerseys.

A association that wants to be compared with Mayweather or McGregor can buy one of a fighter’s corners for $5 million. That would embody signage in that corner, sponsorship to a promote dilemma cam and $250,000 in tickets.

If a pretension sponsorship and a dual warrior corners were solitary during those prices, a $20 million collected would be a largest sponsorship package for a quarrel by a far-reaching margin. Five sponsors paid a record $13.2 million to unite Mayweather-Pacquiao.

It’s misleading either WME-IMG is a solitary seller of a fight’s sponsorships. Despite McGregor’s appearance, nothing of a UFC sponsors has any involuntary offered rights to this fight.

As owners of a UFC, in a understanding with McGregor, a group is approaching to take in during slightest 10 percent of a sum income from a fight, according to a source informed with a negotiations. Commissions done from offered sponsorship are not enclosed in that projection.

Mayweather comes into a quarrel with a record of 49-0. McGregor has never boxed in an central capacity.

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