#AskESPNCaddie: When all is pronounced and done, where competence DJ’s career rate?

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You know that saying, if we adore something, set it free? Well, we desired doing #AskESPNCaddie and set it giveaway for a bit. But now it’s back, so we theory it will always be cave — and yours!

For those who don’t know how it works: Jump on Twitter, write #AskESPNCaddie and ask whatever we want. Every week I’ll collect some of a best ones and use them here. Then I’ll strike we adult on Twitter so we can gloat to all your friends and tell them a half-truth when we contend you’re “a published writer.”


That’s a good question, though very speculative. Norman won a Open Championship twice, his usually dual majors. He’s improved famous for dual of his 3 second-place finishes during a Masters, though he also finished second during a U.S. Open twice. Norman has 91 worldwide wins though we said, “remembered as.” If Dustin Johnson stays healthy and wins as many majors as we consider he can (six), DJ will be remembered as a improved golfer.

I don’t know. The USGA’s comparison executive of manners said, “We are perplexing to make certain that players that are on radio are not hold to a aloft customary than others personification a game.” we call longhorn stinky. When a people on TV have a million some-more “rules officials” than a players not televised, that to me is a definition of being hold to a aloft standard. PGA Tour contest executive Steve Carman told me that he’s taken those calls from a open in a manners trailer and it turns into a mini-detective story. we trust it has to stop since it wastes time and creates a debate demeanour bad.

I will contend this about personification Augusta National Golf Club a Monday after a Masters with a march set adult accurately as it was championship Sunday; we have dreamed and fantasized about walking those fairways many times. The existence was improved than a fantasy. In my life, we have been means to contend that 3 or 4 times. we had a two-hour expostulate after a spin and didn’t spin on my phone or even listen to a radio since we wanted to let a knowledge soak into my soul. we don’t even caring how trite that sounds, since it’s true.

For a man like me who loves Tiger Woods and got to see and live by his greatness, this kind of sucks to contend — yes. Golf is in a good place right now to pierce on though Tiger. Once Dustin Johnson comes behind and is personification again like he was before a Masters, afterwards Rory McIlroy hits his walk and goes toe-to-toe with him, while Jason Day and Rickie Fowler follow them down — all a while no one feels Hideki Matsuyama sneaking toward them. There won’t be one widespread figure for a while, though there is some extraordinary golf to be found if people select to find it. Problem is, many of those who adore Tiger don’t wish to look.

I shot 93. No birdies, though a few chances and usually a few 3-putts. we didn’t even know my measure until Tuesday night around 9:45 p.m. ET since we let a caddie keep measure and wouldn’t look during my scorecard until after Pat Perez review it live on a SiriusXM radio show. He had a over/under set during 110.5 until he schooled we played from a members tees, afterwards he reset a series to 98, that we still beat!!

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