#AskESPNCaddie: Sharing discernment on Tiger, Ko and more

5:03 PM ET

Before we burst on a craft and conduct to Scotland for The Open, we figured y’all would have some questions, and child did you.

Thank we for these, everyone. They make me feel “connected” to we on a week when we all competence feel a small away from one another.


Collins: Bob Harig indeed spoke to LaCava progressing this year and wrote a good square about it. He is being a father and father unresolved during home watchful for a New York Giants’ deteriorate to start (maybe not as energetically as in years past). While he never pronounced he was on servant or being paid to wait for Woods, a fact that a caddie of his knowledge and status is not peaceful to work for any other tip players while Woods is out speaks volumes.

Collins: Lots of players (men and women) do that before attack shots, generally when it’s prohibited and wet out. Part of attack good shots is about light reason pressure, so when your hands sweat, it’s easy to reason a bar tighter than we should. By toweling off a reason and your hands, it sets adult a slight to subconsciously remind yourself, “light grip.”

Collins: Every day a hole plcae changes, while a front of a immature stretch from a sprinkler heads always stay a same. Wednesday-Sunday (yes, they do it for a pro-am, too) a debate prints out a hole plcae sheet. Caddies and players will afterwards travel off a stretch from a turn to a sprinkler heads to get a accurate stretch to a front of a green. After they have this number, they supplement a yardage to a hole for an accurate distance. Afterward, they calculate for hills, wind, etc. before selecting a club.

Collins: You can switch golf balls after each hole if we wish to, but — players contingency use a same kind of turn for a whole round. Can’t switch from a Titleist to a Srixon or TaylorMade during a round. It’s even bootleg to switch from a Titleist Pro V1 to a Pro V1x during a round. To be super technical, for a contest it’s bootleg to switch from a 2009 Pro V1 to a 2013 Pro V1 during a turn as good since they’re opposite golf balls. It falls underneath USGA manners 15-1 and 15-2.

Collins: Green speeds. Like we said, The Open is famous for a breezy conditions, and since of that, a immature speeds are routinely kept most slower than a other vital championships to forestall golf balls relocating on a greens. We had large complaints final year from players during St. Andrews (including Dustin Johnson) who had to play in conditions that were after deemed unplayable when golf balls wouldn’t stay still on a greens. Slowing a greens down also helps keeps scores down since mishit putts will not stay on line or strech a hole like they could on super-fast greens.

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