Ashley Wagner fails to make US Olympic figure-skating group for PyeongChang

Ashley Wagner finished fourth Friday night, finale her office of a second Olympic Games.  (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Correction: An progressing chronicle of this story misspelled Mirai Nagasu’s name.

SAN JOSE — Ashley Wagner will not get to a Olympics in 2018. After finishing usually off a lectern Friday night during a U.S. Figure Skating Championships, after argumentative judging put her there, Wagner’s Olympic dream is over. Surprise U.S. champion Bradie Tennell, triple-axel consternation Mirai Nagasu and 2017 inhabitant champion Karen Chen will be a 3 women representing a United States in PyeongChang subsequent month. Wagner is a initial alternate.

The U.S. Figure Skating Championships endowment a lead award to a skater who finishes fourth, usually off a lectern though tighten adequate to ambience it. After Friday night’s thespian ladies’ giveaway skate, that lead award went to Wagner, who had to mount to a side of a lectern to accept it, a few levels reduce than a victors a few feet away.

From left: Mirai Nagasu, Bradie Tennell, Karen Chen and Ashley Wagner on a medals lectern Friday. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Wagner took a award with grace, congratulated her competitors and smiled as she always has. But if a final moments of Tennell’s wilful giveaway movement mount as a touching picture from these championships, so too will that of Wagner, station so nearby a lectern in what will expected be her final Olympic cycle though usually distant adequate to weigh a worried finish of a U.S. figure-skating era.

This time, a cabinet of U.S. Figure Skating officials who confirm a Olympic group chose not to save her. Four years ago, they chose Wagner, who finished off a podium, over Nagasu, a 2010 Olympian who finished on it. But Tennell and Nagasu left them small choice, and Wagner did not yield as clever a deteriorate this time as she did then.

The committee, apparently, could not transparent pulling Wagner, 26, onto a group during a responsibility of Chen, who won a bronze award here and was a fortifying inhabitant champion. Wagner — one of a some-more rarely promoted, rarely permitted womanlike athletes of this Olympic figure-skating cycle — will not be on a team.

But Wagner didn’t consider she should have indispensable saving during all. She skated openly Friday night, clever by a pressure, unblushing by carrying usually a month of training for her “La La Land” program. She landed one of her triples with dual feet and mislaid points for that. She wasn’t perfect, though she did not fall. When her free-skate measure of 130.25 appeared, a lively maestro shook her conduct in forked disagreement. She had not erred much. Her passion was palpable. She suspicion she deserved better.

As it happens, she kick out Chen on a giveaway movement though finished dual points behind her in sum scoring, that enclosed Wednesday’s giveaway skate. Wagner’s module was not as technically remunerative as Tennell’s or Nagasu’s, though she has never been famous as one of America’s best jumpers.

Instead, Wagner’s heading is her skating quality, her performative skills, her transitions — in other words, a small totalled in something called “component scores.” For a “La La Land” module that looked clever in all those ways, Wagner warranted a member measure of 68.00 for her giveaway skate. Tennell, a clever technical skater who lacks Wagner’s gloss and majority in a reduction manifest aspects of her skates, warranted 69.71.

When it was all over, Wagner told reporters she was “absolutely furious,” a word she steady over and over.

“For me to put out dual programs that we did during this foe as plain as we skated and to get those scores,” Wagner said. “I am furious.”

Whether a points should have come, whatever a reason they didn’t, Wagner’s Olympic dream — and substantially Olympic career — is over. The three-time inhabitant champion and 2014 Olympian was ostensible to be one of a many endearing, many informed American lady representing a United States in South Korea. Instead, she will not be there, giving approach to a new call of talent with no timeless star. Tennell is 19. Chen is 18. Nagasu, a relations maestro during 24, substantially has a many constrained story of all of them.

Ashley Wagner smiles after behaving during a women’s giveaway movement eventuality Friday night. (Ben Margot/Associated Press)

Throughout this week, Nagasu was asked over and over about what happened 4 years ago, when a cabinet chose Wagner notwithstanding a unsatisfactory nationals that season. Between afterwards and now, a classification simplified a position, surveying transparent criteria for Olympic preference that weighted a final year and a half of formula in tiers. Asked either she suspicion a cabinet should facilitate a preference routine and name a tip 3 finishers during a U.S. championships that year, Nagasu paused before smiling.

“That’s a tough question.”

This time, she rendered a preference procedures irrelevant to her case. Nagasu, a second American lady to land a triple axel in general competition, is as technically modernized as anyone that could have represented a United States in South Korea. She is as gifted as anyone. She will be a usually Olympic maestro on a women’s team.

But a story will be another Olympic maestro who will not be on that team. Wagner is an Alexandria local who attended West Potomac High School and was one of a some-more promoted athletes in NBC’s Olympic lead-up. Whether sincerely or not, either she was prepared or not, Wagner’s Olympic career expected came to an disgraceful finish Friday night, when she stood usually outward a podium, smiling in a face of low beating until a lights went off, and left her to a frustrating existence of her painfully tighten call.

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