Are Juventus a new Real Madrid? Ugly football, Cristiano Ronaldo-reliant though winners

In hailing his Juventus team-mates for a “solid” opening in Wednesday’s 1-1 pull with Ajax, goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny finished a rather divulgence admission.

“Ajax are a really opposite group to us,” he explained. “They are some-more assertive and aggressive.”

Anyone who has watched Juventus this deteriorate would find it unfit to disagree. Massimiliano Allegri’s group have once again dominated Serie A nonetheless have not bright it.

They have won 27 of their 32 joining games nonetheless anxious in few. There are many improved teams to watch in Italy, such as Atalanta, or Napoli and, as a Partenopei’s Amin Younes told Goal final week, “Juventus’ football is not pleasing nonetheless it is effective.”

And that is essentially down to Ronaldo, with a pull in Amsterdam an apparent box in point.

Juve achieved feeble in Netherlands. They struggled to keep a reason of a round – they had usually 39 per cent possession – and mustered usually one shot on target.

Yet they claimed a draw, roughly fundamentally interjection to Ronaldo.

Indeed, a Portuguese is a usually reason a Bianconeri are still in a tournament, with Ronaldo carrying strike a hat-trick in a second leg of a 3-2 total win over Atletico Madrid in a final 16.

On that occasion, Juve’s diversion devise was elementary nonetheless effective: yield crosses for Ronaldo.

It worked a treat, too, with a No.7 concealment dual headers in a stirring quip in Turin. He bagged another in Amsterdam.

Of even larger stress than Ronaldo’s conspicuous aerial threat, though, is a fact that no other actor has scored for a Old Lady in a knockout stage.

Given this Ronaldo-reliance, joined with a inclination for extracting certain formula from bad performances, it’s tough not to consternation if Juventus are a new Real Madrid.

After all, Ronaldo ceaselessly finished adult for Real’s unchanging disappointments in La Liga by banishment them to Champions League glory.

Of course, he was sanctified with a excellent ancillary expel – Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos are all world-class performers – nonetheless goals win games and that finished Ronaldo a star of a show.

He scored a towering 50 times for Madrid in a knockout theatre alone. It’s no fluke then, that Ronaldo-less Real are already out of this season’s competition, while new bar Juve are on march for a semis.

Whether Ronaldo retains a Champions League is open to debate, though.

Arrigo Sacchi is among those who trust that Bianconeri trainer Allegri is too conservative, too pragmatic, to delight in Europe.

Juve’s dreadfully resigned second-half display during Atletico – that Allegri certified himself was “ugly” – supposing a many constrained justification to date that Sacchi might have been right.

In that instance, Ronaldo eventually rode to a rescue – as he did time and time again for Real; this season’s second-leg hat-trick wasn’t even a initial for a forward, who strike a Bernabeu three-way opposite Wolfsburg behind in a buliding in 2016.

However, as we’ve seen in both Italy and Europe this season, this is not a Juve group that instinctively goes for a jugular – final month’s 4-1 feat over Udinese stays a usually time this debate they’ve scored some-more than 3 goals in a game.

The feeling is that it’s not that Juve can’t cut loose, nonetheless that they’re not authorised to, and it is poignant that a excellent opening of Allegri’s power was arguably final year’s 3-1 win during a Santiago Bernabeu, where they had been left with no choice nonetheless to conflict after a 3-0 first-leg loss.

As former Juve defender Medhi Benatia pronounced after his Jan exit, “Allegri has finished good in Italy and also in a Champions League. We’re articulate about a manager who understands football, nonetheless we don’t know if he’s a right one to win in Europe.”

With Ronaldo, though, anything is possible. He roughly guarantees goals and can, thus, be wilful in any situation, for any team.

Real weren’t always a best group in Europe – hell, many years they weren’t even a best group in Spain – nonetheless they still won a Champions League 4 times in 5 years.

Certainly, they benefited from their satisfactory share of luck, such as goalkeeping clangers from Loris Karius and Sven Ulreich, while many large calls also went their approach during vicious times, many particularly a exclusion of then-Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal 2016 and a argumentative chastisement preference opposite Juve during a Bernabeu a year later.

But all champions need some good fortune. Barcelona would not have won a 2009 Champions League though a array of quarrelsome calls opposite Chelsea in a semi-final.

Of course, a Blaugrana had a once-in-a-lifetime epoch of players who made and tangible an whole epoch of football underneath a origin of Pep Guardiola. Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid did zero of a sort.

Yet while they might not have been widely revered, they were positively respected. Say what we will about Sergio Ramos Co. nonetheless they were winners.

That’s all sequence Champions League losers Juve wish to be, carrying endured better in 5 uninterrupted finals.

So, while their team’s play might not be beautiful, many Juve fans are unmotivated with aesthetics.

As distant as they are concerned, not winning a Champions League for 23 years is a worse demeanour than personification nauseous football.

They won’t caring how they do it; as prolonged as they do it.

As Juve fable Giampiero Boniperti famously pronounced of a bar culture, “Winning isn’t important; it’s a usually thing that counts.”

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