Anquan Boldin can still minister to an NFL group this year

Anquan Boldin has always been tangible by his attitude. He runs indignant after a catch. He aggressively fights to obstacle balls out of a air. He understands how to use his physique to physically win conflicting parsimonious coverage. While he’s never been a fastest on a field, he has been a indication for coherence formed on his bid and physicality on any play. For this video, we tracked all 101 targets from 2016 and discussed a ubiquitous trends of his game.

Targets by location

This list breaks down where a round was thrown. Note: Deep is 16+ yards, Medium is 6-15 yards, and Short is 5 yards or fewer.

Targets by Route

The subsequent list breaks down his targets by route. Similar routes were total together formed on a stretch and form of pass.

If we wish a arguable receiver to pierce a bondage on third-and-short or on a idea line, Boldin is your guy. Matt Stafford, in his one brief year with a veteran, devoted him to modify a essential third downs for a Lions. By my count, he had 41 of a Lions’ initial downs and converted 20 of them on third down. Of those, 10 of them were on third-and-short.

Boldin is a giveaway agent, and even yet he’s already 36, there are still a few teams that we consider he’d fit. The Baltimore Ravens are one. They drafted invulnerability for a immeasurable infancy of their picks this year, so removing a far-reaching receiver like Boldin could be useful for Flacco. The Kansas City Chiefs expelled Jeremy Maclin this offseason, and Boldin could offer as an underneath choice conflicting of Tyreek Hill. The final choice could be a Minnesota Vikings. He could be their third or fourth far-reaching receiver and could assistance Laquon Treadwell learn a nuances of a game.

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