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Allison Schmitt, an eight-time Olympic medalist, raced Thursday for a initial time given a Rio Games. At a same accommodate 4 years ago, Michael Phelps raced for a initial time given a London Games.

That’s not a usually together between a tighten friends’ comebacks.

“Watching a subsequent Olympics, if we was sitting on a cot and never gave it a shot, we didn’t wish that what-if,” Schmitt said after finishing second to Leah Smith in a 200m freestyle during a Pro Series accommodate in Mesa, Ariz., on Thursday. 

Phelps finished a same statement, in some form, time after time in 2014, 2015 and 2016 when asked because he unretired. (Phelps also finished second in his quip foe in Mesa in 2014.)

Schmitt technically never retired. Unlike Phelps, she didn’t pointer paperwork to take her name out of a U.S. Anti-Doping Agency drug-testing pool after her final Olympics. If she had, Schmitt would have had to wait 9 months to lapse to foe this year.

“I was 26 and off my parents’ health insurance,” she said. “I still indispensable that USOC health insurance.”

But Schmitt was finished swimming. She knew that a winter before Rio as she started counting down a days.

“I remember observant this is my final Dec. 28 use ever,” she said.

That mindset finished Schmitt’s 2016 all a some-more impressive. After earning 5 medals during a 2012 Olympics, Schmitt had unsuccessful to validate for a 2013 and 2015 World Championships team.

She afterwards spoke out about her possess conflict with basin after a 17-year-old cousin committed self-murder in May 2015. But by a 2016 Olympic Trials, Schmitt said she was happy and grateful. It showed as she competent for a relays.

But Bowman pronounced she was “paralyzed by fear” during a time, according to Swimming World on Thursday. Schmitt went to Rio as a group captain, along with Phelps, and warranted her seventh and eighth Olympic medals in a freestyle relays.

“She got her award and went, that was a outrageous fulfilment deliberation what she went by in a years before that,” Bowman said, according to Swimming World. “I don’t consider she finished adult amatory swimming.”

Schmitt and Olympic teammate Elizabeth Beisel traveled to Asia and Australia after Rio. Schmitt returned to Arizona to work on her master’s grade to turn a protected amicable worker, stability to lift mental health awareness.

While Phelps turned to Peloton to stay in shape, Schmitt attempted Orangetheory Fitness to no avail. So she started swimming dual or 3 times a week to remove weight.

“It incited into 9 practices a week,” pronounced Schmitt, who trains with a Arizona State group that Bowman coaches.

Phelps teased a Schmitt quip on Instagram in September. A few weeks later, Schmitt broached it in Bowman’s office.

“I said, if we don’t wish me to get behind in a water, we never had this talk. I’ll travel out of here. I’ll never get behind in a pool,” Schmitt said. “He was like, let’s see what happens.” 

Her 200m freestyle time Thursday — 1:59.57 — is dual to 3 seconds off her formula from this same accommodate in a final Olympic cycle. Expected, given she’s still ramping adult training.

“I was surprised,” pleasantly, Schmitt said on USA Swimming’s “Deck Pass Live.” “I know there’s work to be done, though during slightest we have a starting indicate now.”

Schmitt came into a accommodate but a time goal. She’s not committing to a fourth Olympic run, only to a 100m freestyle on Friday (Olympic Channel, 8 p.m. ET). Saturday finals will atmosphere on NBCSN during 8.

“The second that I’m not carrying fun is a time that we retire,” she said, conjuring Phelps’ comments from this same accommodate 4 years ago.

One competence forget her talent. Schmitt’s winning 200m giveaway time from a 2012 Olympics stays both a American and Olympic records. One symbol Katie Ledecky hasn’t eclipsed. Schmitt was a final lady to kick Ledecky in a domestic 200m giveaway some-more than 4 years ago.

“No matter what happens in a future, we will be vehement that we did give it another chance,” Schmitt said, wearing a T-shirt that review “Every Day Grateful.”

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