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It is a winter of baseball’s discontent, many of it involving money. Spring training is dual weeks away, all of a tip finish giveaway agents are still yet contracts, and many members of giveaway agency’s core category sojourn unsigned, too.

And afterwards there’s a man who is underneath agreement for dual some-more years, yet has no thought during this indicate where he will be playing.

Consider: This publication’s new outline of the Dodgers’ outfield conditions going into open training did not discuss Matt Kemp.

The arrogance is that a Dodgers, who acquired Kemp from Atlanta in Dec essentially to strew a contracts of Adrian González, Brandon McCarthy and Scott Kazmir, are now actively operative to trade Kemp and a dual years and $43.5 million left on his eight-year contract.

That strange deal, incidentally, was sealed in November, 2011, in a loss months of Frank McCourt’s ownership. Chew on that irony.

Another arrogance is Kemp would have to play left margin if he stayed, due to his defensive deficiencies, yet would have to bend by a throng to get there. Kiké Hernandez, Andrew Toles, presumably rookie Alex Verdugo, maybe Chris Taylor if Joc Pederson recaptures core margin … they’ll be holding numbers for personification time.

Is it correct to usually assume Kemp won’t be around by a time everybody assembles during Camelback Ranch Feb. 19?

His agent, Riverside-based Larry Reynolds, pronounced this week there isn’t many to news on that front. He’s been articulate to Dodgers executives Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi “every 4 or 5 days,” usually checking in to make certain he and his customer will be sensitive if something is indeed cooking.

“There’s usually so many we can do,” Reynolds said. “But during slightest we consider they’re being unequivocally straightforward. What they’re saying, we can’t get into, yet during slightest we’re carrying some dialogue.”

That said, Reynolds also reported that Kemp is magnificently motivated.

“He wants to play for a Dodgers,” a representative said. “He wants to win a World Series. He’s left out this offseason and altered his whole look. … He’s in tip figure and he fundamentally wants to come out and, whoever he’s with, infer everybody else wrong. That’s his mindset.”

But how many is left in a tank?

Kemp pennyless in with a Dodgers in 2006, during age 21. He became a unchanging in 2008, roughly (and maybe should have) won a National League’s MVP endowment in 2011 with 39 homers, 126 RBI, a .324 normal and a .986 OPS, and had 25 homers, 89 RBIs and a .287/.346/.506 condense line in 2014, his final Dodgers season.

Kemp’s WAR a final 3 seasons, separate between a Padres and Braves, was 0.6 in 2015, 0.0 in ’16 and minus-1.3 final season. And he has continued to regression in many defensive metrics.

As all good agents do, Reynolds played adult his guy’s strengths. He remarkable that with 100 RBIs with a Padres in 2015 and 108 separate between San Diego and Atlanta in 2016, “Kemp was one of 6 players in a majors with 100+ RBI in both 2015 and 2016 (along with Anthony Rizzo, David Ortiz, Edwin Encarnacion, Nolan Arenado, and Jose Abreu). Overall from 2015-16, he was tied for 25th in home runs (with Joey Votto) and seventh in RBIs.”

Kemp’s numbers forsaken to .279, 19 home runs, 64 RBIs and a .781 OPS in 2017 (from .855 in 2016). Reynolds emphasized that dual hamstring strains singular Kemp to 115 games and so singular his numbers.

And he is, after all, usually 32. But that outline “just” is a prohibited symbol among ball executives these days, given a problem of giveaway agents during or on a fork of 30 to get a long-term contracts they seek.

“There is this meditative that once we get to be 31, 32 years old, your talent is going to dump off,” Reynolds said. “You know, we strongly remonstrate with that. I’ve witnessed first-hand a man like Torii Hunter who goes out, signs a five-year understanding during age 32, and afterwards comes behind and does another deal. He’s personification during 39, going on 40, and during 34 or 36 years aged he’s carrying some of a best years of his career.”

He elaborates on that argument, and discusses probable reasons for a imbecility of a 2017 giveaway representative marketplace in this week’s podcast, that will be posted Thursday morning during

Maybe this is a fallout from an progressing epoch of prolonged contracts total with a some-more difficult oppulance taxation structure, that has teams not usually demure to pointer new ones yet concerned to shun a ones they have.

So, again: What uniform will Matt Kemp be wearing on opening day?

“I consider when a trade happened (Dec. 19) there was some initial excitement,” Reynolds said. “But afterwards … we start meditative about a throng they have out there (in left), even yet we consider Matt’s as good a player, if not better, than anybody they have over there offensively.

“So we start to say, ‘OK, this was a small bit of a financial move. The trade was done and so there’s a good possibility we might not be here long. We’ll see.’ But right now his mindset is to uncover adult in open training and let a people know that, ‘Hey, I’m going to be tough to get absolved of. But if we do go somewhere else, you’re going to bewail it.’ ”

At slightest he knows he’ll be removing paid. That’s some-more than some can contend during this point.

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