Alabama Football: Why Dabo Swinney is not a new Pat Dye

There has been a idea that to Alabama football, Clemson conduct manager Dabo Swinney is a complicated chronicle of Pat Dye. Why that is not correct.

Offseasons are tough for Alabama football fans. We scour summary play and Twitter, soak adult podcasts, relive aged Crimson Tide memories – fundamentally anything to make it until a subsequent football season.

Another good use of offseason intervals is to ask questions, no one would persevere time to in a unchanging season. We ran opposite some surmise recently that begs a doubt is Dabo Swinney today, loosely homogeneous to Pat Dye in 1982? It is a good question. Like many good questions, it can have some-more than one trustworthy answer.

We will cruise because a doubt deserves being asked. Then we will offer a end that Dabo Swinney in 2019 is not a same for Alabama football as Pat Dye was in 1982.

Some Alabama football story contingency be reviewed first. Pat Dye, former Crimson Tide partner underneath Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant, left Wyoming after a 1980 deteriorate to turn a Auburn conduct coach. When Dye took a Auburn job, a Tigers had mislaid to a Crimson Tide, 9 out of a many new 10 games.

In his initial press discussion as Auburn conduct man, Dye was asked how prolonged it would take to kick Alabama. The planted doubt had already been answered by Dye when he interviewed for a job. Both times, he resolutely answered, 60 minutes.

He did not get a pursuit finished in his initial 60-minute exam opposite a Bear. But he did a subsequent season, in 1982, in what shortly after incited into Bear Bryant’s final season. The 1982 Iron Bowl detriment did not disintegrate Bryant. His health was a vital factor, though there was more.

In a tumble of 1982, Bryant recruited state of Alabama linemen, Ben Tamburello. Tamburello had always been a Crimson Tide fan so when Bryant called on a immature man, it was immediately insincere Tamburello to a Capstone was automatic. For dual decades, Bryant had a repute of never unwell to tighten a partisan from a state of Alabama.

Several weeks later, Tamburello chose to play for Pat Dye during Auburn. A few years after Bryant’s genocide it became famous a Tamburello annulment dumbfounded a Bear. Some tighten to a good coach, trust losing Tamburello to Dye assured a Bear it was time to retire.

The doubt acted now, is Dabo to Saban, a same as Dye to a Bear? Again, it is a estimable question. We contend no. First, recruiting on a inhabitant turn is so most some-more rival currently than it was in 1982. Saban, Dabo and each manager destroy to tighten players. The tip programs are chasing so many of a same players, some-more recruiting battles will be mislaid than won.

Dabo has also not supplanted Nick in inhabitant championship achievements. No volume of spin can make dual equal to six. It is not even close.

And there are a not allied earthy and mental capabilities of Bryant and Saban. The Bear was an aged 68, tired, ragged down and ill. Nick Saban is a immature 67, healthy even if some bionic assistance was recently needed. Saban relishes some-more battles. Bryant, for all his greatness, was done.

No! Dabo Swinney is not to Nick Saban as Pat Dye was to Paul Bryant. Nothing about a comparison rings true.


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