Alabama Football: Tua contingency do some-more than dazzle, he contingency lead

The marvellous Tua Tagovailoa contingency do some-more than daunt in 2019. Tua contingency lead Alabama football behind from a intolerable loss.

Last week, Nick Saban borrowed a story from Cleveland Browns, conduct manager Freddie Kitchens. The former Alabama football quarterback, vocalization during Saban’s coaching hospital pronounced there are 5 choices in life. Individuals can select to be bad, average, good, glorious and elite. Saban steady a matter to a 2019 Crimson Tide team.

Alabama football had an glorious football group final season. Until it mattered a most, a Tide seemed to be an chosen team. In a end, it was something brief of elite.

Alabama football insiders have pronounced this year’s group is vigilant on a goal to redeem itself from a inhabitant championship diversion loss. Seeking a opposite finale to a 2019 deteriorate and achieving that finale exist miles apart. What lies between is a prolonged grub of preparation.

The grind requires perfectionist leaders among a players. Young group who also lead by example. Tua Tagovailoa contingency be one of those leaders.

For all his marvellous play final season, Tua came adult good brief of good opposite Clemson. He contingency be improved in 2019 and as important, he contingency lead teammates to chosen performance. There are indications he understands a need to be some-more than a good quarterback.

First, he has to make himself improved and learn a new wrinkles brought by Steve Sarksian to a Alabama football offense. Alex Scarbrough, writing for ESPN said Tua understands mistakes done final season.

 he has no problem (critiquing his play final season) …his eyes changed too quick during times. He’d get by his progressions so fast that he’d skip things. Keeping his eyes in balance with his feet, he said, is one of a biggest things he’d like to urge on this offseason.

Alabama football will not drop Mike Locksley’s RPO schemes though Sarkisian will wish Tua to improved see all a margin to consider a best option. With 4 immensely gifted receivers and dual using backs with pass-catching skills, Tua will have an contentment of options to assess.

Much has been done about a new descent line being some-more earthy and some-more matched to busting open holes. They will also have to be skilful during safeguarding Tua. He can’t review a whole margin while underneath duress. Keeping Tua damage giveaway is also essential. Tua contingency assistance by not stringing out plays too prolonged and holding too many hits in a process.

Watching Tua’s expansion in Sark’s offense should be a fun for Crimson Tide fans. The span have a story and appear to have a tighten connection. Sark’s descent schemes seem even improved matched to Tua than a heavy-RPO offense.

Tua has so most talent. His expansion as a quarterback need not be large. Growing into care might be a worse charge though each denote is, it is one he can also master.

Discussing a need for Tua to urge as a QB should keep a stat in perspective. Last season, he somewhat edged out Kyler Murray for a tip passer rating. Tua’s 199.4 rating was a new college football record.

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