Alabama Football: Ten questions for a 2018 college football season

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Alabama football is not a usually module with unanswered questions streamer into a 2018 season. Check out 10 questions for SEC and other CFB teams.

Many questions about Alabama football and other programs can't be answered until subsequent fall. The unknowns build expectation among fans for a arriving season. We have 10 questions, not directly about Alabama football, though all associated in some approach to a Crimson Tide.

The questions are some-more impending than any too-early answers though some guesses about outcomes are enclosed in a list.

Who gets processed?

Going behind to a 2008 season, Alabama football, hostile conduct coaches have had careers derailed or broken by games opposite Nick Saban. The list is long: Tommy Bowden, Phil Fulmer, Urban Meyer, Brady Hoke, Gene Chizik, Les Miles, Bret Bielema and others.

Among a 2018 coaching opponents, new and new hires leave roughly no manager on a prohibited seat. Few design Louisville to contest with a Crimson Tide, so a detriment will not mistreat Bobby Petrino. Gus Malzahn has a new gazillion dollar agreement and a win in final season’s Iron Bowl.

The usually prohibited chair man for 2018 is Ed Orgeron. Another LSU detriment to a Tide will run a stream Alabama football win strain to 8 games. If that happens and Saban again beats Coach O for tip Louisiana recruits subsequent Dec and February, a ax could tumble in Baton Rouge.

Is Kirby estimable of being called an chosen coach?

We keep saying lists of a tip coaches in college football with Kirby Smart included. Count us as unconvinced. So far, a smartest thing Kirby Smart has finished as a conduct manager is zealously following a Saban plan.

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That will take him a prolonged approach in talent-rich Georgia. Kirby can partisan even if it is mostly driven by a ‘old Nick, nearby retirement’ pitch. Getting a Bulldogs to a inhabitant championship diversion was no tiny achievement. However, so distant no hostile SEC module has gained an top hand over Nick Saban by perplexing to be ‘Alabama football.’ If that is all Kirby knows, it might not be enough.

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