Alabama Football: New D-Line manager – 6 good choices and one that’s not

Alabama football needs a new defensive line manager after Karl Dunbar’s lapse to a NFL. Here are 6 good choices and one that is not.

Alabama football has one onfield staff opening for 2018. Karl Dunbar exited fast after Signing Day, opting for a lapse to a NFL with a Pittsburgh Steelers. Although not strictly announced it has been widely reported Tide partner Tosh Lupoi will be a subsequent Defensive Coordinator and play-caller.

Lupoi was listed as Co-Defensive Coordinator with Jeremy Pruitt this past season. Lupoi has been a Crimson Tide linebacker manager for 3 seasons after one year as a defensive analyst. Prior to joining the Alabama staff, Lupoi coached a defensive line during Washington. Lupoi has no college experience as a defensive play-caller.

The check in announcing Lupoi’s graduation does not advise it won’t happen. Titles are delegate to Nick Saban’s decisions about position assignments. New assistants Pete Golding and Jeff Banks have not been publically reserved position groups. Although Banks is expected to manager special teams. While Lupoi could coach the defensive line, doing so does not filigree with play-calling duties. The best theory is Lupoi and Golding will manager a linebackers and a new d-line manager will be hired.

Six Good Options

Todd Bates and Freddie Roach are Alabama football alums and defensive line coaches during Clemson and Ole Miss, respectively. Both are sharp young minds with splendid futures. Neither are premier recruiters nonetheless yet both would be eager and enterprising in chasing Tide targets.

Roach has recently sealed an Ole Miss contract. Bates will have arguably a many gifted d-line in college football if he stays during Clemson.

Glenn Schumann is another Alabama alum who is a prohibited candidate. Glenn coaches linebackers during Georgia and does not have defensive line experience. He is rated as a super recruiter. Schumann was on a Tide staff for 8 seasons, relocating from an researcher while still an undergraduate to a connoisseur partner and later relocating into actor growth and player personnel. If a position organisation assignments made sense, Schumann is a home-run hire. If he could be pulled divided from Kirby.

Eric Henderson is an partner defensive line manager for a Los Angeles Chargers. In a 2016 season, Henderson was a defensive line manager during UTSA, operative with Pete Golding. A former NFL player, Henderson is a New Orleans native and played during Georgia Tech, giving him connectors in dual hotbeds for recruiting.

Sean Spencer is a defensive line manager and associate conduct manager during Penn State. James Franklin would quarrel to keep him, yet a tie with new Tide assistant, Josh Gattis could assistance attract him to Tuscaloosa. Spencer has been with Franklin 4 seasons during Penn State and 3 progressing seasons during Vanderbilt. He has 17 seasons of defensive line coaching experience.

Craig Kuligowski is a defensive line and partner conduct manager during Miami. Craig played for Nick Saban during Toledo. He is a rarely respected coach and recruiter. His relations in South Florida would be a and for Tide recruiting.  Kuligowski coached during Missouri for 15 seasons before being hired by Mark Richt.

One some-more name with baggage

Another name always mentioned when Alabama football has a defensive opening is Lance Thompson. Thompson is on Will Muschamp’s staff during South Carolina. Thompson has coached during Alabama 3 times going behind to 2000. He is widely famous as a extensive recruiter, yet no some-more than an normal coach. Thompson’s prior stints in Tuscaloosa enclosed some indecorous off-field rumors. Due to those aged rumors, many Alabama football fans would be dissatisfied if he rejoined a Alabama football staff.

Who should Nick Saban hire? Whoever Nick chooses, even if it is Lance Thompson. Saban has warranted a privilege to build his staff however he chooses.

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