Alabama Football: Jalen and Tua ready to lead but controversy

Alabama football is never far from a Quarterback controversy. Tua and Jalen are looking to change that pattern.

In Tuscaloosa, inhabitant championship winning QB’s are deified. Those who come adult brief are unsuccessful mortals. The viewpoint of many Alabama football fans is made by an dogmatism for any grade of failure. New unproven players with blue-chip high propagandize pedigrees are towering to star standing before accomplishing anything.

Fan passion breeds controversy. Sometimes, a attitudes of players and their families are a initial source of discontent. In misfortune cases, factions order and waste a larger goals of a team.

Perhaps usually a coaches are not heavily emotionally involved. Going behind to a Baby Boomers, any American era has been indicted of being overly focused on ‘me.’ Right now, in Tuscaloosa, it appears there are dual immature group some-more focused on ‘we’ and ‘us’ than on themselves. It is refreshing. Perhaps it is also fragile.

Two Exceptional Role Models

In Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama football has dual model purpose models. Much credit should be given to their families. Jalen and Tua arrived in Tuscaloosa as teenagers by age though with a majority distant leading their years. They have been means to contest opposite any other while also being understanding of any other.

After being pulled in a inhabitant championship game, Jalen did zero though base for Tua. Chris Palmer described Jalen’s actions good in a twitter below.

A few days after a game, still awash in a elegant fun of a Tide nation, Tua spoke out.

Beyond rooting for these dual well-developed immature men, Alabama football fans can learn from them as well. It is easy to turn captious and unresponsive in open statements about college athletes. It is also unfair. In a tip module like Alabama football, it is singular for a immature male to tumble brief from miss of effort. While we fans roughly deify a stars, we also fast darken failures in achievement. Something in a fan’s essence urges an desert to decider players and coaches. We don’t always practice that judgment maturely.

Both immature group demeanour to lead going forward

Alabama football will have a quarterback battle, this spring, summer and maybe into a fall. Most expected one QB will win many of a 2018 snaps. It will be satisfactory to call that QB  a winner, though reduction than satisfactory to call a other QB, a loser.

Nick Saban competence confirm to go opposite his history and run a two-QB complement in 2018. That competence work, though it could only as simply fail. The larger luck is that possibly Jalen or Tua will, after apropos No.2, select to transfer. From a viewpoint outward a team, it appears a Tua send would be harmful for Alabama football. But that does not meant fans should base for Jalen to be No.2 in 2018.

What we should do is lift for both of a immature group and entirely support Nick Saban’s contingent preference of what is best for Alabama football. It could finish adult being a hardest coaching preference of Saban’s career.

Might Jalen Hurts pierce to another position? He is a means contestant though relocating to using behind or far-reaching receiver would still have tough foe for a starting role.

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