Alabama Football Film Room: Quinnen Williams has event to breakout

Quinnen Williams could be a dermatitis actor this year. Last year, it was Raekwon Davis, who led a group in sacks after being a teenager rotational actor in 2016. Williams was a rotational actor final year, yet he done a many of his time.

He notched 20 tackles, removing improved late in a year. Of those 20 tackles, 6.5 were for a loss, good for 4th on a group and 2nd among defensive linemen. Of those 6.5 tackles for loss, 2 were sacks.

With a detriment of Da’Ron Payne, Da’Shawn Hand, and Josh Frazier, Williams is in line for a most incomparable purpose in 2018. He was consistently using with a initial group during a spring, and he was a starter along with Isaiah Buggs and Raekwon Davis during A-Day.

He didn’t have a ton of plays to mangle down during A-Day, so we looked during his sacks from 2017 since everybody loves a sack.

1st and 10: Williams (#92) is a left defensive end. I’d like to contend he does something special here, yet he unequivocally doesn’t. Williams rushes a outward shoulder of a guard, who had stepped inside, gives him a discerning shove, and blows right by him. Williams is now right in a face of QB Kellen Mond and simply brings him down for his initial career sack.

1st and 10: Williams is again a left defensive finish with Josh McMillon (#40) station adult to his left. Williams fast gets in a right guard’s chest and gives him small yank, knocking him off balance. He runs into some congestion, however; and a core helps collect him up. Williams doesn’t stop churning, though. Good coverage army QB Myles Brennan to reason on to a ball, and Williams gets free. He turns on a speed and shoots around a interior lineman and takes Brennan now.

2nd and 6: Alabama’s in a 4 male front, and Williams is during a 3 technique mark on a outward shoulder of a left guard. Lester Cotton pulls to a right, and Ross Pierschbacher (#71) picks adult Williams. Williams stands Pierschbacher adult and isn’t driven back. He sheds a retard as Najee Harris (#22) is going by yet only misses a tackle.

1st and 10: Williams is a right defensive defensive end; but, with Christian Miller (#47) station adult to his right, he’s lined adult in a A opening (between a core and tackle). Pierschbacher stymies him initially, and there’s a bit of a wreck with Raekwon Davis (#99) there too. Williams doesn’t give up, though. He maintains his balances; and, importantly, he keeps his feet churning. Williams gets his hands in Pierschbacher’s chest and drives him back, true into Hurts, who has to spin divided to his left. Miller, who is being blocked by Elliot Baker, in for Jonah Williams during left tackle, has shuffled inside; and Hurts has a whole lot of green. He scampers out of end after a benefit of eight.

2nd and 10: Williams is during defensive tackle in another 4 male front. He fast identifies a shade and abandons a rush, holding off to try to conduct off Damien Harris. Williams shows off his speed, not vouchsafing Harris get divided from him. Mack Wilson (#30) cuts off Harris, and Williams and Wilson mix to move him down for a benefit of 4 yards.

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