Alabama Football: Few teams have winning record opposite Crimson Tide

The list of schools with winning annals opposite Alabama football is short. Checking out a full story yields some startling results.

Only 12 stream FBS college football programs have a winning record opposite Alabama football. Five of those twelve teams reason an top palm over a Crimson Tide formed on a singular game.

Among those 12 teams, Rice University has a many considerable undefeated record opposite a Crimson Tide. The Rice Owls kick a Tide 3 uninterrupted seasons 1954-1956. The 1954, 28-6 win by Rice was in a Cotton Bowl.

UCF (2000), Northern Illinois (2003), Minnesota (2004), Oklahoma State (2006) and Utah (2009 Sugar Bowl) are a teams with 1-0 annals opposite a Alabama Crimson Tide.

Not counting a 3 games contra Rice and a 5 waste to 5 teams above, a group carrying inflicted a top commission of defeats on Alabama football is Texas. In 8 games opposite a Longhorns from 1902-2010, a Crimson Tide has one win and one tie. The one win was, of course, Jan. 7, 2010 for a 2009, BCS Championship.

Percentage-wise, Boston College comes subsequent in futility for a Tide. The teams played in 1943 and 1946 and again in 1983 and 1984. The Crimson Tide gained usually one win in a 4 games, in a 1943 Orange Bowl. The 1984 opening-game detriment is prolonged remembered by many Alabama football fans. Kerry Goode was sensational. In small some-more than a half of football, he gathered 297 yards and 3 touchdowns. Then he blew out his knee. After a prolonged recovery, his blazing speed did not return. He was still a good back. He could have been one of a all-time greats. Today, be battles ALS.

Next adult in programs with chronological mastery of a Tide is Notre Dame. In 7 meetings, a Tide achieved usually dual wins. Two of a 5 waste cost a Crimson Tide inhabitant championships. That is since a beat-down for a 2012 National Championship was generally honeyed for Alabama football fans. As honeyed as it was, it did not entirely settle aged scores.

UCLA is subsequent in a list, violence a Crimson Tide in 2000 and 2001. The sole Tide win opposite a Bruins was in a 1976 Liberty Bowl.

The Tide has finished slighter improved in winning commission opposite TCU. The Horned Frogs have won 3 of 5 games contra a Tide. TCU won in 1955, 1956 and 1957. The Tide won in 1974 and 1975.

The final of a ‘upper-hand’ cadre of Alabama foes is a University of Oklahoma. The Sooners have won 3 of a 6 games played. The Tide has won two, including final season’s CFB Playoff semi-final. One diversion finished in a tie.

The information in this post comes from dual superb sources: and Chris Stassen, who also credits James Howell. These are a experts on college football chronological scores. Don’t design Wikipedia to always be correct.

One detriment not in a list was to Cumberland College in 1903. The Tide mislaid 44-0. The Cumberland win was one of 3 games, won in 4 days, by a school. The losers, besides a Crimson Tide, were LSU and Tulane.

Many college football fans also remember Cumberland for a 222-0 detriment to Georgia Tech in 1916. Reportedly, a Georgia Tech coach, John Heisman (yes, that Heisman) cautioned his players to be warning since there was no revelation what Cumberland had designed for a second half. At halftime, a Yellow Jackets lead was triple digits.

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